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Decades later, New York City wins the fight for more state education funding – $ 600 million for the coming year – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There is a historic increase in education funding from the state for School in New York City.

It was the result of a battle that had been going on for decades.

CBS2’s Lisa Rozner added about what it means to students this fall.

Adding new staff, school supplies and even sports programs are some of the things that could come true for the city’s toughest schools in the fall, thanks to an investment of 600. millions of dollars.

“For years, we’ve all seen an injustice in this city, that some schools get more money than others each year and it’s unacceptable to prolong the divide,” Major Bill de Blasio said on Monday.

It is estimated that the schools were exchanging billions of dollars.

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The Student Fair Grants formula calculates how much a school will receive per student. For example, students with disabilities and multilingual students need extra support.

In recent years, some schools have only received 80% to 90% of that amount. Education advocates say it was because the state did not meet its court-required funding obligations.

There is much hope after the ruling in the early 2000s.

“I think this is a decisive moment for the country’s education. This is an extremely important decision, ”said City School Principal Harold O. Levy in 2001.

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And now, during a pandemic, Julie Cavanagh, the principal of PS 15 at Red Hook, says it will increase her budget by 10% in a tough year.

“A mentoring advisor gives us as well as additional staffing to support the learning our students will need,” said Cavanagh.

Education advocates say that is far from coming.

Maria Bautista, campaign manager of Quality Education Alliance.

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And there is hope that it will lead to smaller class sizes.

“New York City’s class size is 15-30% larger than the rest of the state,” said Leonie Haimson, executive director of the Class Size Issues group.

“I know students who are logging in, trying to log in with cell phones. One in four students with special needs currently does not receive their full range of authorized services, ”added special education advocate Heather Clarke.

Principals will decide where the money goes for their schools. As for the oversight, the New York State Controller’s Office said it has the ability to audit.

$ 600 million is part of an annual three-year investment, so schools can also plan long-term.



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