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Decentralized Organization (DO) Network is coming out this April-A public chain that runs the DAO efficiently – Press Releases

The Decentralized Organization Network is a public blockchain system with brilliant decentralized performance. Based on the wave protocol, it can complete the consensus on the chain quickly and efficiently execute the transaction of DAO, designed uniquely economic to promote DAO-related sustainable development. It will soon be released this April.

High-decentralized transaction processing logic creates sustainable scalability for DAO transactions.499 active nodes selected by equity clients randomly handle various transactions. Process thousands of transactions per second and lift sustainable expand transaction capabilities as node performance improves.

In addition, It adopts a DAG structure to create block random and ordered growth patterns, and TPS performance keeps stable. Improve the sustainable development of dynamic DAO ecology. Node communication does not adopt step-by-step transmission or fully connected state peer-to-peer direct reach, which builds a high-efficiency network.

Using the wave consensus to select the best data state node to establish the wave and promote the entire network consensus through controllable execution time. The wave protocol of DO Network is a special consensus algorithm in which local consensus drives the entire network to reach an agreement as if the wave covers the sea after promoting it, so we call it wave consensus protocol. The goal of the wave is that the consensus process is secure, simple, and high-efficiency completed, which is designed for improving the entire network performance. In terms of the algorithm of the DO network, it adopted an approaching fair random function. The generated random numbers combine with the timeline to form a smooth and unpredictable trajectory. DO Network will randomly select N samples from legitimate validation nodes in the entire network, and only after N samples reaches an agreement can the wave cover the whole network. All legitimate verifiers with the best data status under the latest timestamp confirm the consensus content and complete the entire network consensus during the coverage process completing within one second.

Advantages of DO network

Four main advantages of the DO network include decentralized, sustainable scalability, diversified, duel-protocol. High-decentralized transaction processing logic, 499 active nodes selected by equity clients randomly handle various transactions. Create sustainable scalability for DAO transactions, which processes thousands of transactions per second and lift sustainable expand transaction capabilities as node performance improves. Open-mode diversified DAO protocol to establish an open-mode DAO protocol toolset to meet the diversified requirements of organizations. WASM+EVM dual-protocol system, which more broadly friendly smart contract system, establishes DAO diversified algorithm.

DO network’s excellent performance and the economic model better support the development of DAO. Such as DAO logical governance chain development, the second efficiency helps DAO execution, easier for enterprises and organizations to call, open-mode obtain DAO fund.

In terms of reward mechanisms, developers offer diversified DAO protocols, and once used, you will receive long-term and stable rewards. For economic models, the DO network designs a contracting economy model from the underlying architecture that is easier for DAO development.

What can you do in the DO network?

Decentralized Organization Network is an excellent decentralized performance blockchain system. Based on the waves protocol, It can fast complete on-chain consensus, efficiently conduct DAO transactions, and design a unique economic model to improve DAO-related application sustainable development.

You can run a node or do governance in the DO Network. Consists of 499 independent physical nodes, the nodes of the DO network are not limited to entering the network in chronological order. The clients will select all nodes triggered into the network in chronological order and stake ranking when they reach 499 complete nodes. Also, you can participate in DAO transactions in the DO ecosystem and promote DAO development together. Besides, you can be a developer to write your unique ideas into code, you will get more rewards once it gets more users. What is more, you definitely can easer select the node you trust to get more rewards as a client. Please see more details on the DO network’s official website.

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/do_network

Email: [email protected]

Contact: EVAN

Website: www.donetwork.io

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