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“Defending the Democracy Release Report on State Legislators’ Election Intervention Plans”

Issue an important report:

Today, Protect Democracy released one new report titled, The democratic crisis is forming: How state legislatures are politicizing, criminalizing, and meddling in elections, written with Law Forward and the American Center for Democracy. The report describes an underreported trend: Across the country, state lawmakers are proposing bills that help partisan state lawmakers better control elections while hinder Experienced state and local election administrators who have a tradition of running our voting system.

As of April 6, at least 148 such bills have been introduced in 36 states. Many bills would make elections more difficult or even impossible to manage; make it more difficult to close election results; allowing election interference and manipulation by super-partisan constituencies; and, in the worst case, allow state legislatures to reverse the will of voters and cause a democratic crisis. If these bills are implemented in 2020, they will greatly increase the chaos of the post-election period, and increase the prospect that the outcome of the election will be contrary to the universal vote. information.



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