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Demetrius Andrade beat Liam Williams when the Welsh midsize WBO belt bid was unsuccessful

WELSH WARRIOR Liam Williams had her dream of winning a mid-range world championship in front of outstanding American men’s diving champion Demetrius Andrade.

Clydach, 28, flew to Florida to beat the 33-year-old unbeaten racer.

But he came face-to-face with a master fighter who nearly stopped him in the opening match, knocked him out in the second inning and then missed and tried to grab a point to win.

America’s 2008 Beijing Olympic athlete walks to the ring in a baseball cap with the word ‘WAR’ printed in honor of the recently deceased midsize legend and male teammate Marvin Hagler and presents an emblem that I am proud.

The judges call it: 116-111, 118-109 and 118-109.

It was a violent start and Williams got injured immediately when Andrade removed a huge left hook from the rope.

Brit was buzzing but went with her front legs instead of covering up and trying to survive.

Andrade’s upper shot was brutal and Williams was having a badly swollen cheek from the second minute.

A blow or two straight to his nose, for the often cautious Americans have become hell for leather.

In his camouflage shorts, it was difficult to find Andrade in the second second and he brutalized Williams again with a fleshy left hand and an uppercut that pierced his guard.

Williams was warned for his rude tactics when the round had thirty seconds left, he turned off the engine in a nanosecond and was punished with a giant double that got him counted.

The third shot looked like a blow for Andrade but he landed again with a minute remaining in the session and Williams was held back by the ropes.

But Brit bravely beat and bullied back in the game with a powerful shot compared to stanza.

The fourth is a huge improvement for Williams, with a few straight landing shots and Boo Boo’s legs looking heavy under constant pressure.

Sheffield manager Dominic Ingle repeatedly told the curator that Andrade would wilt in the second half of the game but Williams was worried his foot movement was out of service.

If Andrade took a break in the fourth, then he was back in fifth with a streak of top shots that Williams at least knew to have expected but couldn’t avoid.

Thin Williams was slashed at the end of the game and blood was running down his right eye.

Andrade complained about an eye jab in the sixth installment and he continued to hold and sniff and Williams’s terrifying speed.

But a thunderous cut on his head cut through his guard again and rocked his bald head toward the Florida skies.

Just at the end of the seventh inning, Williams was hit again and had to cling to the bell to save him after Andrade failed.

Williams dared to give up his hand in the eighth inning and dared his opponent to hit him, but he waited until Williams was alert to hit another uppercut.

Andrade appeared to be injured on his ninth right hand but Williams didn’t seem to have the energy left to finish him off and deliver a gunshot on him because of his malfunction.

Andrade was definitely tired in the last few innings, and given Williams’ non-stop, it was almost impossible.

But he won the penultimate round with a precision combination that the jury will love.

And the couple, who have exchanged harsh insults for months of construction, embrace at the last bell after they both give their all.



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