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Democrats ‘planned to pack up the court bill to add FOUR judges to the Supreme Court in a conservative bias’

DEMOCRATS is looking for new ways to gain control of the Supreme Court – including packing it with four additional judges, bringing the total to 13.

Congressional Democrats will reveal the Supreme Court’s scaling-up plans on Thursday. Four additional freelance judges would take the court out of court from six conservative points of view – the current three liberal views.


Democrats are looking to expand the number of judges on the Supremme CourtCredit: Getty

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, Chair of Subcommittee Hank Johnson and Representative Mondaire Jones are pushing the bill in the House of Representatives.

Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey is pushing the bill in the Senate.

The number of judges in court is a variable number set by Congress. The amount fluctuated throughout the years before the country stabilized in September 1869.

After Republicans refused to approve Merrick Garland – a moderate – under President Barack Obama, they confirmed Justice Neil Gorsuch following Trump’s election.

The number has fluctuated over the years but was set for nine in 1869


The number has fluctuated over the years but was set for nine in 1869Credit: Getty

Following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg in September 2020, Republicans hypocritically removed their protocols during Obama’s tenure and instead approved Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

The then Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer faced growing pressure from his party to stop Barrett’s nomination. When the attempts fail, the attempts are then turned to expansion, or “packaged,” to the court.

Many Democrats from his home state of New York criticized him for his inactive actions.

“These extremist judges not only threaten more than a century of progressive achievement,” read the letter to Schumer and signed by 20 New York elected officials.

“They threatened to stop the possibility of any future progress under the Democratic administration.”



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