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Derek Chauvin’s trial is in the hands of the jury after both sides have concluded their arguments – WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) Twelve Minnesotans are currently deciding what will happen to the former policeman charged with the death of George Floyd.

The jurors heard the final arguments during Derek Chauvin’s trial on Monday.

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“When George Floyd said his last words to the defendant, ‘Please, I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t breathe, ‘call for help to the man in the uniform, the defendant is right above him, ignore it,’ said prosecutor Steve Schleicher. “Continuing to do what he’s doing, facing the crowd, clenching his knees.”

Defense attorney Eric Nelson said: “No crime is committed if the action of a police officer is justified by the police officer using reasonable force on a mission to carry out a case. make legal arrest or prevent escape from detention. “The type and extent of force that a police officer can legally use to carry out his duties is limited by what a reasonable officer in a similar situation deems necessary.

The two sides are most significantly divided about the cause of death. The prosecutor argued that all the law required was that the prosecutor proved beyond reasonable suspicion that Chauvin’s knee-tied was “a major cause” of Floyd’s death.

“That’s what you feel in your gut. That’s what you know in your heart, ”said Schleicher. “This is not the police, this is murder. The defendant committed all three crimes. All of them.”

“In fact, it’s so simple a child can understand it. In fact, one kid understood that when the 9-year-old said, ‘Take it off.’ That is how simple it is. “Get rid of him.” Common sense, ”said prosecutor Jerry Blackwell.

The defense insisted that Chauvin did what any reasonable officer would do and said it was a mistake to just look at 9 minutes and 29 seconds when Floyd was on the ground.

Different from his appearance during the trial, Chauvin did not wear a mask and looked directly at his attorney for the three hours that ended his defense statement. For the rest of the testimony and the end of the prosecution session, he bowed, wore a mask and took full notes.

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“You have to be aware that officers are human, capable of making mistakes in highly stressful situations,” says Nelson. “In this case, the total number of situations known to a police officer at the exact time the force was used proves that this is an authorized use of force… The state failed to prove the school His suit is beyond a reasonable doubt and therefore Mr. Chauvin should be considered not guilty on all counts. “

While Nelson’s summary is lengthy, it is also complicated. And that may be why Blackwell turned to this claim in his rebuttal argument. The case was not so complicated, he said, and from the state point of view, Chauvin caused the death of Floyd.

The line he left to the jury was this: “You know, for example, that Mr. Floyd died because his heart was too big. You have heard that testimony. And now that you’ve seen all the evidence, after hearing all the evidence, you know the truth. And the truth of the matter is that the reason George Floyd died was because Mr. Chauvin’s heart was too small.

The defense at the end of the day moved for a mistake. One of the reasons given was California Representative Maxine Waters’s speech at a rally in the Brooklyn Center two nights ago. The judge did not give the erroneous ruling, but pointed out that the remarks could be related to the appeal.

“I know that Congressman Waters was specific about this trial and about the intolerance of anything other than condemning murder and talking about confrontation, but you can submit articles. report on that, ”said Judge Peter Cahill. “This goes back to what I said in the first place. I wish elected officials would stop talking about this case, especially in a way that disrespects the rule of law. “

“We have to deal more,” Waters said at the rally. We have to make sure they know we mean business. ”

The defense also proposed a misconduct by the prosecution, accusing the prosecution of underestimating them. The judge denied that.

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Chauvin faces three accusations:

  • Unintentional second degree murder means unintentional death due to a felony.
  • Second-degree murder is fatal because of the unreasonable risk.
  • Third degree murder is meant to cause death with a “particularly dangerous” act, demonstrating a “perverted mind”.



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