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Dermatologist is the best anti-aging serum money can buy

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Not to say it clearly, but dermatologist Know a thing or two about skin care. And considering they have access to the best ingredients (and injectionsThat money can be bought, when they recommend a product that they use every day, we consider it the gospel.

Loretta Ciraldo, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Dr. Loretta Skincare has decades of research experience under her time, in addition to regularly visiting patients. Her product line was developed to protect against harmful environmental influences that accelerate aging. For many people, one of the most common signs of aging is depleted collagen, which leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. “We make fewer of these very important proteins and our bodies break down them more quickly,” says Dr. Ciraldo.

While adding topical collagen to your routine may seem like the obvious way to account for these changes, it isn’t. “Topical collagen won’t help, because it’s a very large molecule that cannot penetrate the living layers of skin, so this does not help with the addition of collagen, firmness or strength,” says Dr. Ciraldo. skin elasticity. Instead, you’ll want to use collagen-stimulating peptides, which can go deep into your skin and boost collagen production to high levels.

“A group of peptides that really help firm and elastic the skin is the ‘signaling peptide’,” says Dr. Ciraldo. “Since they are very small molecules, these peptides penetrate the living layers of the skin, where they signal the skin to start making more collagen because they contain amino acids specific to the collagen molecule.” She recommends tetrapeptide 21 and rice protein – both included in her serum formulation – as both of these ingredients contain amino acids, which act as building blocks of collagen.

Dr. Ciraldo said: “Serum is a true multitasking product with deeply penetrating Vitamin C to firm and smooth the skin, lilac stem cells to balance oil and brighten skin, and extracts from the sea to increase the skin’s own collagen and hyaluronic production ”. “I love the feel of the product on my skin and the beautiful texture it leaves behind with every use.”

To learn more about why peptides deserve a place in your routine, watch the video below.

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