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The voting desert of the Senate

September 16, 2020, 8:49 am by Sam Wang

Lots of polls for the presidency – but there is a voting desert in important Senate races. How does this affect your performance? There are two places where you can defend your efforts, either by stopping critics for a decade or by influencing the presidential race.

This table shows the number of polls in the top races in the Senate in 2016 and 2020. The first two columns use bounce races as defined by RealClearPolitics. Indiana is excluded because of state law there require The poll is only performed by the direct caller. The last column is displayed the states of leading voter power.

As you can see, the poll fell off a cliff in mid-September. I don’t know why – perhaps the attention is on the presidential race. Or it might be the tough financial situation of newsrooms today.

There’s one place where your efforts help both an important race to the Senate and also help fight partisan gerrymandering: Johnson County, Kansas. Any vote affects the race to the Senate.

Another possibility is Alaska, where – if the presidential race is tighter than the polls show – the power per voter of Trump / Biden supporters is abnormally high. In that case, go for the race to enter the Senate of Al Gross (D / I) against incumbent Dan Sullivan (R).

The Kansas and Alaska organizations are on the ActBlue sidebar suitable for the Democratic Party. The respective Republicans are listed under WinRed.

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