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“Disability Rights Advocate in the Press Senate for Internet Voting Options in Voting Reform”

Steven Rosenfeld:

National disability organizations are urging the Senate to amend the major electoral reform bill passed by the House of Representatives to allow internet-based voting options for their voters who represent one sixth National electoral registrar and online voting accreditation is a federally approved and regulated voting technology.

Their concerns and online voting remedy has been in the spotlight in recent months as up to 20 organizations representing voters with hearing, visual, cognitive and motor impairments and sometimes the need for assistive technology has formed. national alliance to promote more flexible voting options as Congress considers the most extensive reforms in years.

Motivating Congress through online voting could pose one of the most important challenges to the approval of the Democratic Party package. It divides two core constituencies – disability rights groups and cybersecurity advocates – against each other. These two officers have had conflicts in the past when advocating people with disabilities success squeeze Congress spent billions of dollars on paperless voting machines in the early 2000s, the very system most states replaced after Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election due to threats to network security.

“This has been a frustrating problem for a long time,” said Ion Sancho, who has been monitoring Leon County, Florida for 28 years, and retired from the 2016 election. “It is a sensitive and difficult issue for election managers as long as I can remember.”



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