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Disney fans complain that Walt Disney World is becoming too ‘awake’ and new home sales soar compared to expectations as builders race to meet demand.

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Meanwhile, don’t miss these top stories.

60% of Americans want the police to take more responsibility for black abuse, new poll says

Concern about how black Americans and other minorities are treated by the criminal justice system are still higher than in previous years. Read more

‘Disability continues to be abandoned’: A Google executive about increasing representation for people with disabilities – and bringing them into C-suite

“Hearing loss is my superpower, but it took me a lot to realize that,” said KR Liu.
Read more

Latest status icons for high net worth homeowners? Cup tree.

Landscape architects dealing with big names say they are seeing nondisclosure deals appear on their desks more than ever as the super-rich look for more privacy in their gardening efforts. Read more

Disney fans complain that Walt Disney World is becoming too ‘awake’ – here’s what has changed at the park and why

Changes to Disney employee costumes and new versions of popular games, including Splash Mountain, all have in common. Read more

You want to buy a vineyard? ‘Work for passion’ – not economics

One of the takeaways from the giant pandemic is that life as we know it is not guaranteed. That leads to an increased reconnection with the outdoors, following your passion, and not giving up your dreams. Giving up city life and moving to a vineyard to work in the wine industry embodies all that. Read more

Weekend reading: How Berkshire Hathaway can thrive even without Warren Buffett

In addition, Microsoft and Netflix, avoid tax and Bitcoin disturbance. Read more

My husband and I bought a 387 thousand dollars building with my parents. We sold it for almost 1 million dollars. We took care of it. Are we still dividing it 50-50?

‘My parents give away 50% of the cash and me and my husband donate half. We returned $ 18,000 to my parents. I think I worked worth 100,000 dollars’ Read more

Stress, sprains, and pinched nerves: Home injuries are on the rise

For more than a year, some of us have worked in makeshift offices, hunched over a computer on a bed, floor or coffee table. Trapped at home, we did projects and climbed ladders, painted walls, and used tools that once collected dust in the basement. Some of us have stopped exercising completely – or started exercise routines without proper preparation. Read more

Bette Midler scores a buyer of a $ 50 million Manhattan penthouse apartment

Bette Midler really has the wind underneath her wings now, and she’s soaring! Read more

New home sales skyrocketed against expectations as builders raced to meet demand

Americans bought new homes at the fastest pace since 2006 in March. Read more



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