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Disney + prices are rising on Friday, but you can still close a deal

Soon you’ll have to pay an extra $ 1 per month to watch your favorite Marvel, Pixar and “Star Wars” content.

Disney + is increasing monthly prices from $ 6.99 a month to $ 7.99 a month in the US starting Friday, March 26. Annual subscription prices will also increase, from $ 69.99 per month. year to $ 79.99 a year. And Disney’s three-way bundle of Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN +, will increase by $ 1 to $ 13.99 a month.

But budget-invested subscribers looking for a deal will still be able to lock the annual subscription at the current price – save $ 10 – if they sign up before Friday.

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This is the first price increase since the Walt Disney Co.

launched its live streaming service fall 2019. The increase was first announced in December.

Disney is betting that the increase won’t be enough to get viewers to leave. Services developed rapidly topped 100 million subscribers in MarchDisney said that thanks to the hit series such as the “The Mandalorian” side story and the Marvel side story “WandaVision” and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.”

Even though its library is much smaller, at $ 7.99 a month Disney + is significantly cheaper than its rival Netflix Inc.
recently increased its most popular subscription to $ 13.99 a month and AT & T’s

HBO Max, at $ 14.99 a month.

On Tuesday, Disney revises its upcoming movie release schedule, announced Scarlett Johansson’s “Avengers” sub-film “Black Widow” and Emma Stone’s live-action “Cruella” will go live for an additional $ 30 to Disney + subscribers on the same day they hit theaters in the season This summer and the Pixar animated movie “Luca” will go live on Disney + for free starting June 18.



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