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DIY rustic tub with wooden powder bowl

The time has come to narrow down our priorities for Our recent home renovationI know that I have to set aside at least a little budget to re-apply our powder bathrooms. To be honest, this is a room in the house that I’ve been wasting on for years – it looks exactly like we built our house over a decade ago. It’s funny, since it was the only room (other than the living room and kitchen) that every guest saw when they arrived at our house. When I think about it that By the way, I realized that it was time to give this small room some TLC. However, I need to keep my costs low as my budget is being eaten up by project living room, bedroom and kitchen I took it, so I set my sights on an exhibit that would give me the most success of my money: a rustic tub made out of an antique wooden powder bowl.

Where did you find an antique flour bowl?

A rustic wooden tub is one of the design elements I have pinned to my board, but have never really seen in real life. or for sale. That means I’ll have to do it myself, despite Adam’s suspicions about having a wooden sink (for obvious reasons.) I agree there are a lot of things that can happen with a wooden sink, but I was determined to find it.

After doing a bit of research, I realized that an antique flour bowl would be shaped like the trough I was looking for. A google search will display so many, so much of them online, but it took me a while to find one of the perfect size, shape and color.

After months of searching for the perfect vase, I finally found it in an uncertain place: Pottery Barn for sale antique wooden flour bowl with many different sizes, large and small. And no, these aren’t made to “look” antiquated. Each is a unique, classic bowl – here’s a description from the website:

In the first half of the 20th century, Magyar bakers on farms in Hungary and other Eastern European countries used these handcrafted wooden bowls to make bread each morning. Each is an antique found and therefore a unique item.

I was sold. I paid $ 249 and grabbed the bulk from the curbside pickup.

But how do you turn an antique bowl into a rustic tub?

Here are the steps taken to bring this project to life …

  1. We seal the wooden surface to be waterproof, using the following three products: Tung Watco oil (first), Varathane urethane oil based adhesive (second), Olympic waterproof sealant (third).
  2. Our frames, James Downing (in Austin) has mounted two steel brackets to the wall that “support” the flour bowl underneath the base on each side.
  3. Initially, we planned to drill a drainage hole in the center of the sink, but after it was attached to the wall, we noticed that each end of the bowl had a slight dipping point that would cause water to accumulate in those places. So we finished drilling two drainsone on each side, so that the water can overflow in the middle of the bowl and then drain at each end. It works flawlessly.
  4. Next my plumber came and installed trap p (with two connectors since we have two drains) connecting the sink to our plumbing.
  5. Finally, the plumbers have installed wall hoseThis turned out to be much more difficult than I had anticipated. When they drilled into the wall, we found that there was a load-bearing nail right where the hose needed to go. After completely opening the wall (check my #casacamille markup on Instagram Stories), my fixer was able to rate a solution where he was able to cut just enough on a nail to mount the hose without causing any damage.
  6. When the sink and the hardware were working fine, my painter came back, mending the cloth and repainting the wall. Whew!

This Blanket ladder lying on its side finally becomes the perfect place to display beautiful Turkish scarves. I like the bohemian vibe it adds to this space.

I have ordered countless versions of These affordable seagrass baskets. I use them all over our house for the trash, the dirty laundry box, and here the cutest toilet paper box is right under the sink. And if anything this year covid has taught us, hoard it while you can.

How much does this rustic homemade washbasin cost?

As is the case with all DIY’d home improvement projects, I learned some valuable lessons that I would consider if I did something similar again. For one, just because the materials are cheap, doesn’t mean the entire project will be cheap. To turn this into a sink, I had to buy hardware… and then the installation required labor from my plumber, framing and painter. Here is my breakdown of my costs for the entire project:

  • Flour bowl: $ 249
  • Hardware (handle with handle, p-trap, drain): $ 400
  • Labor (plumber, framing, painter): $ 1750

In total, I spent about 2,400 dollars on this project. It’s worth it? I think so – it’s actually part of the statement that makes a big impact in the room. But it’s still a lot more expensive than the original price I haggled with.

Art prints, both words Casting: (left) Track No. 3. (it’s correct) Movement.

Another lesson I learned is to always pay to have a plumber look at the plumbing hardware before the date of installation, if possible. The original p trap I ordered in the end was not big enough to withstand the pressure from two different drains, so at the last minute, Adam had to run and buy a wider p-trap made only of stainless steel, we had spray it with matte black paint, and it just dried in time for our plumber to install it that day.

Mirror on As a personal favorite, I also ordered it for our guest baths. It’s simple and clean, but the dome gives it a really cool architectural feel.

The lights on the sides are Tumwater wall lights from Cedar and Moss. They are handcrafted and I love the feeling of their earth blending perfectly with our plaster walls.

Stools open hands from Urban Outfitters // Towels are words Wildflower Organics // Candles are FVITH.

What do you guys think about how it turned out? I’d love to hear any questions you might have about this project, so drop them in the comments below!



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