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Dl Sostegni: application form ready, filing from March 30 – Economy

The measures of the Sostegni decree immediately took effect. And there’s immediately the operating instructions: from March 30 to May 28, you’ll be able to apply for funding. But the government, according to Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s announcement, has been thinking about deeper interventions. With the pressure of a majority of parties becoming insistent: Forza Italia talks about a gap of 20 billion euros per month. PA minister, Renato Brunetta, said the same thing. A position could not be found in the Ministry of Economy. Minister Daniele Franco said at an international conference that the economy will continue to grow in the second quarter and accelerate in the third and fourth quarters. “Further measures will be put in place in the coming weeks,” he assured, however, under the assumption “will gradually withdraw from aid in the second half of the year and return to normal”. Yes, because the Economy Minister did not hide a bit of optimism, contrary to the estimates made, for example from the ECB: “We think that after Easter, the situation will gradually improve, and after that we will gradually move towards a more normal situation. in May and June. “

Meanwhile, the beverage decree was posted in the Official Gazette just three days after its launch, a record compared to before when beverage decrees were approved ‘subject to agreements’ and lost At least a week to be brought to light. But the whole administrative apparatus moved quickly. Revenue Agency Director Ernesto Maria Ruffini has prepared implementation measures. Forms and instructions – along with the instructions – are available on the Revenue Agency’s website. Applications can be submitted starting March 30 and until May 28. They are online on the Revenue Agency’s website. New non-refundable funding requirements and models and guidelines provided by the Sostegni Decree. The process is simple: applications can be filed starting next Wednesday, March 30, and until May 28. Requests must be submitted to the Revenue Agency, also through an intermediary. space, on electronic channels or on web platforms prepared by Sogei available in a specific area of ​​the Revenue page.

Contributions will come directly to the current account specified in the request or, at the taxpayer’s irrevocable option, may be used as a tax credit for compensation. There are two requirements to access support: have a turnover or remuneration of no more than € 10 million in 2019, and record a decrease in average monthly revenue and fees in 2020 compared to 2019 by at least 30%. The agency has also created a new guidance that explains all the details of the measure in simple words and concrete examples, from stakeholders involved in the method of calculating contributions, including instructions. to ask.

QUESTION – New non-refundable rewards can be claimed by completing an online form to submit starting March 30, 2021 and no later than May 28, 2021, again via the web. For each application, the Agency’s System will perform an inspection and issue a receipt to the person who submitted the application. In particular, in the event of a positive outcome, Revenue will announce a payment authorization for the contribution (or the same recognition as a tax credit in the case of this selection) in the reserved special area. of “Invoices and” Salary and Bonuses Portal “.

IT IS FOR WHO: Contributions may be requested by businesses, arts and professions and income from agriculture, who have a resident VAT number or are established in the State Territory, who are in the period. the second tax before the effective date of the decree (for most of them 2019) has achieved a turnover or remuneration of less than 10 million euros. Furthermore, contributions are also made by non-commercial organizations, including third-party regional organizations and civilly recognized religious organizations, involved in the conduct of commercial activities. On the other hand, subjects that are inactive on March 23 or have activated a VAT code thereafter will be excluded from the use of the bonus.

REQUIREMENTS: There are two ‘shares’ that are predicted to receive a contribution. The first includes achieving a 2019 turnover or remuneration of no more than 10 million euros. The second requirement that needs to be met is that revenue and average monthly fees for 2020 are at least 30% lower than average monthly revenues and fees for 2019. Contributions are still due even if they aren’t. have request for reduction. revenue / fee for VAT-enabled entities starting 1 January 2019, provided they comply with the requirement of a turnover limit or a compensation of 10 million euros.

‘SUPPORT’ BY BANDS: Contribution level is determined by applying the percentage difference between 2020 average revenue and monthly fee to 2019 average monthly revenue and fee according to this summary diagram: 60 % if 2019 revenue and fees do not exceed 100 thousand euros; 50% if the revenue and remuneration in 2019 exceed the threshold from 100 thousand euros to 400 thousand; 40% if revenue and remuneration in 2019 exceed 400 thousand euros to 1 million USD; 30% if revenue and remuneration in 2019 exceed the threshold from 1 million euros to 5 million; 0% if revenue and remuneration in 2019 exceed the threshold between 5 million euros and 10 million. However, a minimum contribution of not less than 1,000 euros is guaranteed for individuals and 2,000 euros for individuals who are not individuals. The amount of the recognized contribution cannot in any case exceed 150,000 euros.



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