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Do you personally have to like your lawyer?

Which attorney you hire is a very big decision. This expert can be the deciding factor for whether you win or lose in your case and can help decide if you get a big payout or a big bill. While there are dozens of factors involved in whether you choose a particular person to be your lawyer, many come back to the same question: what if I don’t like them? Is that important?

In a way, it both does and doesn’t matter: here’s why.

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What is your lawsuit about?

Sometimes, your case is more important than whether you like your lawyer or not. If your suit exceeds property limits Or return from your work, you don’t necessarily like them. Instead, if the situation happens closer to home, such as a car accident or assault, you need a lawyer with whom you can talk. Dislike of your lawyer is not the end of the world, but if it keeps you from talking about what’s important and prevents you from sharing important information that could help your case: they are not lawyers for you.

Do you feel they won’t trust you?

When you talk to your lawyer, do you feel like they are not listening to you? Although attorneys must legally protect the client’s interests as long as they are in a lawsuit with them, if they seem aggressive or suspect you too much, their expression and tone can reflect that in court. If they seem to trust you, but you still don’t like them, Consider why you don’t trust them exchange.

Can they do their job well?

You have to find your lawyer to some degree. If you are looking for one personal injury attorney in Kingston, PA, and you run into them: have you looked at their work history? Check how many cases your attorney has lost and won and whether that number reflects what you want. Even if they hit you emotionally wrong, or you find them annoying, if your lawyer is good at winning the case and giving the client what they want: they may be worth holding back.

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Do You Trust They Represent You?

When you talk to your lawyer, do you trust them to represent you? Most people follow an opinion, even when proven wrong because they make it part of their identity. When you talk to your lawyer, try to get rid of any stereotypes about who they are or how you talked to them before. Think about how they will do it in front of a jury and if they can make it clear to the court that what you feel and see is legal.

While this can be difficult to do, it’s a good idea to take some time before cutting them out.

To some lawyers, your court case may seem like ‘another case’, but it’s not small at all to you. Everyone deserves a lawyer who will fight hard for them, so don’t settle for less.



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