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Docosan raised US $ 1 million to provide online healthcare services in Vietnam

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Docosan, a medical technology startup based in Vietnam, today announced that it raised more than US $ 1 million in a round led by Taiwanese VC firm AppWorks.

Singapore VC firm Huat Ventures and biotechnology entrepreneur David Ma also participated in the round.

Development is the first report by TechInAsia.

Although Docosan has not revealed its plans with new funding, they said it will add remote services and pharmaceuticals to its platform.

Launched last year, Docosan’s goal is to improve access to quality healthcare for the people in Vietnam. This app allows patients to compare healthcare providers, book appointments, chat with primary care aides, and manage free health data.

Docosan uses internationally recognized protocols such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) and DICOM (Digital Image and Communication in Medicine) to ensure health records. is mobile through many different systems.

The company claims to have helped 50,000 patients in Vietnam make appointments with doctors in 35 specialties in less than a year of operation.

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Beth Ann Lopez, co-founder of Docosan, said: “Many clinics feel frustrated after spending huge sums of money on social media marketing because of the vast, opaque user base of these hard-to-get networks. cascade to reach new patients.

“Docosan’s exclusive booking software offers doctors an easier way to manage reservations compared to crowded lounges, something people are increasingly wary of in the wake of a pandemic”, added.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, digital wellness has witnessed boom for more and more people are increasingly cautious about visiting crowded spaces.

As a result, many consumers in Southeast Asia are now considering health technology solutions as an important factor in their lifestyle.

Noticing this trend, many leading companies like Grab, AIA and gojek have all of the healthcare content integrated into their services.

According to a Solidiance study, total healthcare spending in ASEAN is estimated to be reached 740 billion US dollars by 2025, an increase from US $ 420 billion in 2017.

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