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Dog sculptures are extremely elegant

Extremely practical and worthy of cuddling, dog sculptures are created from silk flowers to display events, weddings, home decorations, pet memorials and gifts of Event & table art design. When Poodles, Bichon Frise, Male, Afghan Hound, Spanish and other long-haired breeds are perfect for the craft the company did Labrador Retrievers, And English bulldogs Great Danes also.
After making the wireframe, “I decided to use which silk flower most closely resembles the dog’s fur and what the cloth will look like,” such as rose for Poodles and baby breath for Bergamasco Shepherds, owner Felicia C. Greenberg, said custom commissions from the photos and read the breed standards.

Photo: Event & desk art design

“Each petal is placed on the sculpture and it takes a few days to make it satisfied.” Diamonds, ribbons, feathers, and fabrics often adorn her designs, as she likes to shop for antiques and vintage items to make those creations unique. She has done large fake paintings, featuring many life-sized dogs in a Victorian-style gallery and a Paris cafe, National Westminster Dog Show events where contest winners proudly poses with clones of their own (it’s also hard to tell them apart). like little tree ornaments. Admire the beautiful creations that have her feet on Instagram and Facebook, Or visit tablearteventdesigns.com.



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