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Don’t kill me, it’s almost an Italian Twilight – Book

A genre film that has an existential but not a horror spirit with drifting sci-fi tales, almost like the Italian Twilight. DON’T KILL ME, the second film by the talented Andrea De Sica – coming out April 21, 2021 across all digital platforms (Apple TV app, Sky Primafila, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube) – says in short, there are many souls, as the director. he himself pointed out in his philosophical director’s notes.
Filmed between South Tyrol and Rome starring Alice Pagani (Mirta) and Rocco Fasano (very much like Pattinson as Robin) – who was first known to the public as Ludovica in the Netflix series ‘Baby’ run by De himself Sica directed, second to the series ‘Skam Italia’ – a teenage film that tells a love story that goes beyond death.

It all started with a 20-year-old couple racing on a mountain road, with Robin driving with his eyes closed, the only voice controlled by a scared Mirta, with no intention of crashing into a rock. or fly over. a cliff. In short, the damned Robin’s soul was understood immediately. Thus, after a few days, their couple committed suicide in the hope of resurrection to live their eternal love. And for the girl, it was a real awakening in the hope that Robin would do what he promised her. But Mirta now understands that she has become another creature that must be cannibalized to survive and her youth ends with this act of anger and violence. The film is produced by Warner Bros. and freely inspired by Chiara Palazzolo’s novel of the same name (SEM Società Editrice Milanese), and also stars Silvia Calderoni, Fabrizio Ferracane, Sergio Albelli, Giacomo Ferrara and Anita Caprioli. Finally, comes the script, Gianni Romoli, GRAMS team and Andrea De Sica himself.

“I think this movie is basically a romantic horror film, a love story where falling in love has soft edges. I have never used Twilight as a reference – the director added. -, there is more violence here and an all-female protagonist is a certain point it has to tear to accept itself, to grow up. ”“ Mirta was originally very sweet and protected by her family. – Alice Pagani born in Ascoli Piceno in 1998 said – Then she discovered life with Robin, who put her on the challenge.
In short, she started off as a victim and became a executioner, a woman who knew how to cope and defend herself. The funny thing – she concluded – was that during the filming, I became a vegetarian. I thought that after all, eating animals is like being eaten by them. One simple thing stopped me.

Finally, Rocco Fasano, born in 1993, explains: “Fortunately, I have an eighteen year old brother who gave me the right feedback on the teenage anger we had. in those years and very current “.


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