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Don’t waste America’s best opportunity to beat China: Economy

From 10 years of personal experience, I can say with 100% certainty that the H1-B visa is used to reduce wages in STEM fields. I don’t know how articles like this can even try and deny it.

Sure, we need highly skilled immigrants, but today’s immigration policies are quite the opposite. For example, the H1-B system is bolted to both Americans and immigrants. It makes these immigrants virtual serfs because they depend on their work for their immigration status. Companies know this and keep the threat of deportation overhead to lower wages and enforce compliance. Of course, this drop in wages also leaves Americans out of jobs into the hands of highly skilled immigrants who are desperate to stay in the country even if it means getting less than they deserve. worth. These skilled workers need to be issued a green card when finding jobs in the United States. That way, they have more bargaining power to increase their own wages as well as those of Americans, who will no longer be undercut by them.



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