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Dosage used and vaccination – Regional data – Chronicles

The 83.8% national data on regulatory bodies taken in comparison to the doses received in Italy. But the figures vary by Region: Valle d’Aosta is close to 94% (93.9% to be exact), followed by the autonomous province of Bolzano (91.1%), Campania (88.3%), Molise (88.2%) and Puglia (88%). Liguria (72.7), Calabria (72.4) and Sardinia (71.6) are ranked last.

VALLE D’AOSTA – 19,315 doses of the vaccine were injected, 91.3% of people received. Out of the categories, 6,046 for medical staff, 4,924 for non-medical staff, 1,225 for RSA guests, 5,113 to over 80 years old, 805 for the armed forces, 1,202 for employees. school staff.

PIEDMONT – 662,716 doses have been injected, of which 221,361 second dose, corresponding to 83.5% of the 793,530 currently available. One week since inception, the total number of pre-registrations for the 70-79 age group was 164,854. Instead, 92,787 requests for vaccinations for people who are extremely vulnerable and severely disabled and 22,634 requests for cohabitants and carers are expressed through family doctors.

LIGURIA – More than 80 people were booked at 95,022, while 75 and 79-year-old citizens were 26,379. The administrations with Pfizer and Moderna were 197,711 with 74,108 people completing the vaccination cycle, while the number of Astrazeneca injected was 19,188.

LOMBARDY – The total number of vaccinations is 1,231,413 doses used, those given to people over the age of 80 years are 322,568.

SOUTH TYROL – 79% of people over 80 years of age have had at least one dose, so the waiting list is over.

VENETO – The number of vaccine doses used is 640,456. 203,789 people completed the vaccination cycle.

FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA – as of March 21, 152,961 doses of the Pfizer vaccine had been administered and a pre-order amount was 60,405 on the same day. For Moderna, the dose used is 5,142, the preset amount is 3,378. For AstraZeneca, 47,600 doses were distributed: between administered and restricted to the armed forces, about 30,000 were used. Number of pre-orders is 22,684.

EMILIA ROMAGNA – 705,754 doses have been administered. Those who completed both doses of vaccination were 5.5% of the population (246,297. Those who had received at least one dose of the vaccine 10.3%, or 459,457.

TUSCANY – There were 524,407 vaccine doses used, of which 157,631 doses were recovered. Pre-orders that were made for AstraZeneca, as a restoration of the days they were suspended after the sign of Aifa, were 17,492.

UMBRIA – So far, there are 113,571 pre-orders in Umbria, 88,669 of them for the first dose. Of these, 40,051 doses for health and social workers, 36,179 to more than 80, 16,654 for school staff, 9,281 for non-medical people, 7,211 for guests of residential facilities and 3,052 for forces amount of arms.

MARKET – 2,601 doses were administered in total of 242,030 doses, rate 87.8%.

LAZIO – More than 20,000 doses are given per day: almost 850 total vaccinations are performed. Exceeding the quota of 306 thousand vaccinations over 80 years old, accounting for more than 88% of the pre-booked people over 80 years old and about 30% of the second doses were given.

ABRUZZO – 180,000 doses of vaccine have been injected, of which 50,000 are repeated. 58 thousand doses for health workers, 63 thousand doses for people over 80 years old.

MOLISE – A total of 49,288 Covid vaccine doses were administered, equaling 90% of the dose distributed (54,975). Of these, 39,263 were Pfizer, Moderna’s 7,341 Astrazeneca and 2,684.

CAMPANIA – 681,272 doses were administered. Of these, 458,225 were the first and 223,047 were boosters. At midnight today, there are 689,949 participants waiting to be called. The majority of doses are used for those 80 to 89 years of age, for a total of 188,231.

PUGLIA – 514,421 vaccine doses were injected out of the total 601,745 vaccines currently available, equaling 85.5%. Of these: 149,304 to more than 80, 86,271 school employees, 13,964 for the armed forces. There are 36,307 second doses that have been used for people over the age of 80 from Puglia. From tomorrow at Fiera del Levante in Bari, the new vaccination center will operate with 20 stations in operation.

BASIC DATA – 77,409 doses were injected, 84.5% of 91,635 doses delivered. In total, 30,678 people also received the booster dose. 78.2% of people over 80 years old have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

CALABRIA – Current reservations in Calabria amount to 28 thousand, for more than 80 types and fragile types. The dose that was used for the over 80 type was 58,552 in a prospective audience of about 180,000 people.

SICILY – 649,767 doses of vaccine out of 778,525 doses assigned, equaling 83.5%: 217,228 for health and social workers; 172,733 for non-medical personnel; 34,029 visitors to residential facilities; 136,261 to more than 80; 27,426 for the armed forces and 62,090 for school employees.

SARDINIA – The total number of vaccinations taken between Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca amounted to 176,784 of the approximately 240,000 doses that were distributed, nearly 73%. The first administration involved 123,528 people, while 53,526 had a complete cycle.

There was also a ranking unrelated to the ratio of administration to doses received (a figure based on the target population identified as the vaccination plan), but aggregated on the basis of vaccinations. is performed on the total population (Sky Tg24 construction data of regions). The Bolzano Autonomous Province (11.7%) had the highest proportion of people receiving at least one dose of vaccination relative to the population residing in their respective territories.

Followed by Molise (10.7%), Piedmont (10.2%), Lazio, Emilia Romagna and Abruzzo (all 10%). It is followed by the Autonomous Provinces of Trento, Tuscany and Valle d’Aosta (9.8). In the middle of the table were Friuli Venezia Giulia (9.7%), Liguria (9.5%), Umbria (9.4%), Puglia (9.3%), Sicily (9.2%), Marche (9.1 %), Veneto (9%), Lombardy (8.7%). Lastly are Basilicata (8.4%), Campania (8%), Calabria and Sardinia (7.6%). It was noted that regions that do not receive exactly the same doses for the population, for example Lombardy get less than Piedmont, and it also depends on how the second Pfizer dose is administered and the amount of AstraZeneca taken. use.



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