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Dr. Peter Jones, Ph.D. Leads Flagship Online Magazine for Nutritional Fundamentals for Health – Press Releases

The online magazine, Nutramedica, is an evidence-based research periodical profiling hot topics in natural health and nutrition.

Peter J Jones Manitoba, Co-founder and President of Nutritional Fundamentals for Health, Inc. (NFH), has led the launch of a multi-media online magazine to provide healthcare practitioners with contemporary content. The publication profiles studies and articles related to natural health and nutrition. The publication, titled Nurtramedica, provides in-depth insight into evidence-based research and case studies.

With contributions from leading clinicians, scientists, academics, and natural healthcare experts, visitors to Nutramedica enjoy reputable information to support improved patient outcomes and build their medical practices.

“We are proud to feature exclusive interviews and video panels, interactive workshops, in-depth articles, and other clinical resources,” said Dr. Jones of this latest milestone. “Our goal is to position Nutramedica to bridge the gap between evidence-based research and how it is applied in everyday clinical practice.”

The online magazine is designed for registered healthcare professionals including naturopaths, acupuncturists, ayurveda specialists, homeopaths, midwives, nurses, and other practitioners.
Host E. Brian Johnson conducts in-depth interviews highlighting guests’ clinical experience and insight into cutting-edge research. Each week, the online magazine features new articles and videos from the medical and scientific community. Nutritional Fundamentals for Health is a Canadian company focused on natural health innovation.

Peter Jones Ph.D., graduated from the University of Toronto in 1984 with a doctorate in Nutritional Biochemistry. He is the President & Co-Founder of Nutritional Fundamentals for Health, Inc. and an advocate for environmental preservation and awareness.


For more information about Nutramedica, visit the website at https://nutramedica.org/.

For more information about Nutritional Fundamentals for Health, Inc., visit the website at https://nfh.ca/.

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