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Draghi: ‘Erdogan is a dictator, von der Leyen has been humiliated’. Turkey summons the Italian-World ambassador

The storm over the presidential building in Ankara has yet to settle, and become one diplomatic conflict between Italy and Turkey completed with the summoning of the Italian ambassador. At night, Prime Minister Mario Draghi himself used very harsh words against the Turkish leader. “I completely disagree with Erdogan, I believe it is not an appropriate behavior. I am very sorry about the humiliation that Committee Chairman Ursula von der Leyen has suffered,” the Prime Minister said. and then added: Draghi emphasized: “With these dictators, let’s call them what they are, however, this is necessary, however, one has to be frankly demonstrating diversity. about our views and visions of society; and must also be willing to cooperate to ensure the interests of your country. You have to find the right balance.

The claims have clearly infuriated the Turks. The Italian ambassador to Ankara, Massimo Gaiani, was summoned late at night to the Foreign Ministry in Ankara, where the head of the Turkish diplomatic mission Cavusoglu expressed disappointment: “ We strongly condemn these Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s statement of lack of control over our President-elect, ”Cavusoglu said gruffly.

In the morning, after a series of accusations, Turkey went public and sent back criticisms of Erdogan’s ‘protocol machines’, which in the eyes of Europe would be happy to have von der Leyen on the sidelines, for Charles Michel the armchair on the side. “The accusations are not fair. Protocol was upheld during the meeting”. The Turkish and EU staff “met before the visit and their requests were met”, which is the version of Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

But the responsibility continued. The ceremony staff, Brussels claimed, had been denied a final inspection. As if that weren’t enough, today it emerged that another sensational accident at risk of happening at the official lunch of the visit: the table was set for 5 people on each side, with two honorary armchairs on the side. first, one for Michel and the other for Erdogan, while a smaller seat has been reserved for Von der Leyen, to the right of Michel. Rudeness is only avoided during extreme actions. Two diplomatic advisors accompanied Michel to the table, while von der Leyen was left alone. Finally, a mess here is too padded, adding a chair for one of his employees.

And even the original invention photo that excluded the Commission’s chairman, was recovered at the end, according to an internal Council document, according to Michel’s “suggestion”. “In this situation, we can expect the two guests to agree,” Turkish government sources told ANSA, leaked images of EU leaders urging to appear at scene center.

But the justification for Michel’s formally superior rank is unsatisfying. On the protocol front, Eric Mamer, spokesman for the EU executive body, said, “the presidents of the Commission and the Council of Europe are treated the same way”. In all cases, the question symbolic weight remains. In his conversation with Erdogan, emphasizing Brussels, von der Leyen spoke about the Istanbul Convention against Gender Violence, “and the rights of women”.

However, the reconstruction made Michel’s position increasingly uncomfortable, who also returned to “tell the crime” of the incident, talking about a “pathetic image”. Hour after hour, the growing front urged him to resign.



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