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Draghi, Summit on Global Health to Strengthen Health Security – Politics

The Global Health Summit will be “a special G20 event held in cooperation with the EU Commission. We will discuss how to improve health security, how to strengthen the health system. and how to improve our ability to cope with future crises in a spirit of solidarity “. Prime Minister Mario Draghi stated this in a tweet released by Palazzo Chigi. The government website also states: “The summit is an opportunity to share experiences gained from the Covid-19 pandemic and to elaborate and adopt a” Rome statement “.

“The content of the statement will be able to become a point of reference for strengthening multilateral cooperation and joint actions to avert future global health crises. The summit will be based on: Coronavirus’s global response, last year’s donation marathon raised nearly 16 billion euros from donors around the world for universal access to coronavirus treatments, tests and vaccines ; on the current work of multilateral organizations and frameworks, in particular the World Health Organization and international health regulations; on other health initiatives and processes, including Ongoing activities in the G20 and G7, “read Palazzo Chigi’s website. The Chairman of the Council, on World Health Day, also tweeted: “Today is #WorldHealthDay. We learned from the pandemic that we need to prepare and build a joint response to ensure health security for all everyone. ” target of #GlobalHealthSummit “.


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