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Drew Barrymore’s Eyeliner Hack to balance irregular eyes

The trick, says Barrymore, is to stretch the upper contour of the eye and appear to have more eyelids. “As you can see, one eye is lower than the other,” she said in the video and pointed at her orb. By shading her upper waterline, she noted, “I’ll open my eyes to match [the other]. ”

Then she uses her Flower Beauty Forever Wear eyeliner and her waterline top. Make sure the lashes are within the waterline (read: not the lash line) so that the lashes look more natural and even, and if you notice any movement along your bottom waterline throughout the day, Barrymore recommends that you slide a damp cotton swab along your lashes. And there you have it: symmetrical eyes glaring open, still for two minutes.

“It was a really good trick,” added Barrymore. “I feel like my eyes look a lot more even than before.” Before and after there is a pretty clear contrast (don’t look down on our words; watch the video!), However, this hack was extremely ineffective. A worthy addition to your bank of beauty tips, if you ask us.

In terms of color, any primer is right – Barrymore uses onyx to match her black mascara, but you can always use brown or taupe for a softer look.

And what if you want to make eyes look brighter? Well, the make-up artists quickly sang praises about the white liner, some strategic highlighting powders, and a few other eye-opening tips. here.



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