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DUI driver suspected of leading police chase on Sacramento airport runway – CBS New York

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A police maneuver depicting a police wild chase on the runway of Sacramento Operating Airport, including a suspect crashing into several parked planes.

First, the suspect crashed through the fence at the airport to get into the property. CBS13 learned about the incident through tips from viewers.

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It happened on April 3. The County didn’t release this information until we started asking about it.

The police dispatched recordings depicting the wild trip.

Coordinator: “… 6151 Freeport Boulevard, Executive Airport… we have a car on the runway…”

Coordinator: “… we are allowed to drive on taxiways, runways … notice overhead … turn on our red and green light … in case there is any aircraft in the area …”

Officer: “… we’re still rounding around the airplane hook … ahh goes about 20 miles an hour …”

People familiar with the incident said at least five parked planes were hit by the pilot before he was finally stopped and arrested for DUI.

The air traffic controllers saw it all. The air traffic control tower recordings describe what the controllers saw.

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Air traffic control: “… county operations, it looks like we have the entire Sacramento police department here…”

Air Traffic Control: “… hey, did you know that the Jet Exe gate that the police is passing through? No one closes it, it’s still open… ”

At one point, recordings showed air traffic controllers joking about security.

Air Traffic Control: “… do they have someone to protect it? … Hahaha jokingly, we might be chasing someone… ”

The FAA is responsible for investigating incidents at general aviation airports where an airport may have prevented unauthorized access.

“However, the incident seems to have been caused only by criminal activity beyond the airport’s control,” said FAA spokesman Ian Gregor. “Therefore, we are not investigating.”

Sacramento Police confirmed that the suspect was arrested as Juanito Rubianes, over 50 years old, from Elk Grove.

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Due to the incident, the county is considering a contract with a security company to provide 24-hour on-site security, a Sacramento County spokesman said.



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