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Durant Great In Return, Nets Shoot Down High-Powered Suns – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork / AP) – Long ago a superstar, Kevin Durant is turning into a super side.

Durant came on from the bench to score 33 points in his latest post-injury comeback, and The brooklyn network beat the Phoenix Suns 128-119 on Sunday in NBA’s top two team match.

Durant has missed three games after bruising his left thigh early in Sunday’s defeat to Miami. He played 28 minutes and shot 12 shots 21.

“It’s a good start. Hopefully, I’ll build this game up and keep growing,” Durant said.

Kyrie Irving scored 34 points and Blake Griffin got 15 to help the East Conference leaders improve to 25-7 at home and 20-6 against Western teams.

Devin Booker scored 36 points and Deandre Ayton 20 points and 13 rebounds for the Suns, the West No. 2 team lost in a row for the first time since a three-game slip in January.

“I think we got off to a pretty good start, they just kept taking the shots,” Booker said. “I think we’ve got a lot of misinformation about a lot of our switches and that’s it.”

Phoenix took the lead for most of the first half but Brooklyn withdrew after the break, as Durant played regular minutes after not entering until the second so the Nets could keep his minutes and him He can continue playing if it’s close.

The Nets used the same strategy when Durant returned from a long sack with a hamstring injury on April 7 against New Orleans, scoring 17 points in 19 minutes. He’s only played 25 games this season and has never come on from the bench in an NBA game so far this year.

“My favorite thing we all know, one of the things I love most about him is that he loves playing basketball,” Griffin said. “So you know when he’s sidelined, it’s like killing him, so just having fun being able to play basketball again is fun for us.”

The Nets were 2-2 down while playing almost completely without Durant in their previous four matches, but things changed as the four-time winner lay on the ring.

“The way you guard him is different from how you would be wary of earlier with another guy who can’t shoot from 40 feet, 7 feet 1 high and dribble like a guard,” the Phoenix coach, Monty Williams said before. game.

Durant scored 10 points in the third quarter, then got his first five points in the fourth quarter to give Brooklyn its first two-digit lead with 102-92.

With Ayton taking 10 points and 10 rebounds in his first 14 minutes, the Suns lead 13 in the second half and 61-59 in halftime.

Irving was only four of Friday’s 19 games against Boston, but made his first four shots on Sunday and never really cooled down. He had 24 points in just seven goals in the first half, marking his highest scoring record in half a season, and adding 12 assists.


Sun: Jae Crowder missed his second consecutive game with a sprained right ankle. Dario Saric rested on his left ankle. … Frank Kaminsky played for the first time on the long road trip and got five points.

Nets: Tyler Johnson scored eight points after former Suns keeper missed 10 games with pain in his right knee. … The Nets wiped out the series of seasons, as they went 24 or less to win at Phoenix without Durant and Irving on February 16.


The Suns are 2-2 on a five-game trip that starts with victories over Milwaukee and Philadelphia, third and second teams in the East, before losing in Boston. It ended on Monday in New York, having won nine in a row.

“Like, these last three games were playoffs for us in the atmosphere, so I think they were great,” Williams said. “Your armpits and underwear might tell you another story late in the game, but in terms of growth that’s pretty good for our team and our young boys.”

SUN is risky

Phoenix has not made it to the knockout stages since 2010, when Nets coach Steve Nash was still playing there. MVP twice is very happy with the success of the old team.

“They are clearly one of the best teams in the league and have just had an amazing start to the season to an end,” said Nash. “So really admire what everyone there did, but I’m just excited to see the Sun stand out again and fight for a competitive spot in the knockout rounds.”


Sun: In New York on Monday night.

Nets: Play Toronto in Tampa, Florida, on Tuesday night.

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