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Ebanie Bridges considered Shannon Courtenay to fight in sexy lingerie after being stoned for ‘showing off’

EBANIE BRIDGES has kept its promise by considering wearing ‘sexy lingerie’ for the battle with Shannon Courtenay.

The Australians face off against Courtenay for the vacant WBA world bantamweight title on Saturday, under the Conor Benn’s header against Samuel Vargas.

But much of the feud between the two challengers was gathered around the underwear.

Bridge, 34, like weight when wearing underwear and believe that ’embracing her femininity’ will help bring more of the eyeballs to women’s boxing.

But the 27-year-old Courtenay, who had grown tired of the conversation about their clothes’ weight, was met with criticism.

She said: “You are saying that you want more viewers, I want more viewers than for the exact reason.

“People like Katie Taylor haven’t tried to pave the way for women like me and you in this position, talking about underwear.

“I have a 14 year old sister, my coaches have a daughter, I have a goddaughter, I want to be a good role model.”

“I want to show the hard work and dedication that brings you here, not flaunt your body. That’s my only problem.”

Bridges was happy to continue by wearing her underwear again while weighing below her weight limit on Friday’s weight.


And she received the support of boxer Mikaela Mayer on Twitter.

WBO World Champion, Mayer posted: “If I had t ** s like @EbanieBridges, I would also be steppin on that scale in some bomb ass lingerie!

“I wear what makes me feel sexy & confident and she has the right to do so.” Be sexy, don’t be sexy, be sexy but not right now “. We can’t win!”

Boxing star Ebanie Bridges continues her ‘sexy lingerie’ feud with Shannon Courtenay



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