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Ecosystem boost: Nearly inch closer to Bibit’s Unicorn + $ 65 million fundraiser

Indonesian robo advisor Bibit.id raised US $ 65 million; The investors are Sequoia India (lead) Prosus Ventures, Tencent, AC Ventures, East Ventures; Bibit helps first-time investors invest in mutual fund products and build portfolios that match their risk profile and investment goals.

SEA’s mergers and acquisitions, a success in COVID-19-marred 2020, looks set to recover this year.; By 2020, the value of the M&A deal in the region decreased by 17% yoy (both S’pore and Indonesia fell sharply – 23% and 34% respectively in terms of transaction volume); Among the areas leading the M&A recovery are technology; However, more and more tech investors are exploring M & As as a means of retreat.

Almost inch of Singapore approaches the Unicorn state; SaaS is currently negotiating to raise $ 100 million; It has previously raised capital from Greater Pacific Capital, Telstra Ventures and Sequoia India; Since their last $ 100 million fundraiser in 2019, it has made two acquisitions to transform itself from an APAC-focused company into a global one; Nearly processed location, business and consumer data to provide useful insights to customers like News Corp. and Mastercard.

Sayurbox guarantees Series B to develop the electronic grocery market in Indonesia; Investors include Astra Digital, Syngenta Group Ventures, Global Brain and Ondine Capital; The company plans to expand into newer regions of Indonesia; Last week, it was reported that Astra invested $ 5 million in Sayurbox earlier this year.

Mediacorp launches the Bloomr.SG MCN accelerator to encourage content creators in Singapore; Mediacorp’s development program is to engage people every day by nurturing the next generation of creative talent in developing high-quality content and increasing their reach in audiences. domestic and international.

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOSTI) supports Malaysian startups in the global arena; MOSTI will create opportunities for startups and innovators, along with other industry players, to leverage Expo 2020 Dubai and connect with global companies and markets, to ensure Malaysia rise to the challenge. There are top startups globally.

Analysis as a Service (AaaS): Why should many businesses consider outsourcing; AaaS can accompany a variety of business-intelligence related services; Essentially, this includes services for data warehouses, display and reporting services, and services for predictive analytics, AI, and machine learning.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) sponsors the regtech and digital adoption; MAS is committing US $ 32 million to promote the financial sector to accelerate technology adoption; Under the Regtech Grant program, Singapore-based financial institutions can apply for up to S $ 75,000 to pilot potential regtech solutions and up to S $ 300,000 to develop customized projects. Larger scale tweaks can be fully integrated into their system.

Telegram’s new update helps drive e-commerce – Here’s how you can use it for your biz; Business owners can now build followers on Telegram, communicate directly with fans, recommend their products, and offer direct payments – all in one single app; With Payments 2.0, Telegram allows merchants to accept payments using a number of approved gateways, effectively covering more than 200 jurisdictions around the world.

Asia leads the way with Central Bank Backed Digital Currencies (CBDC); Cambodia, Thailand, mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore have more CBDC projects than Canada, the UK and Sweden; Mainland China ranked third in the Digital Currency / Electronic Payment (DC / EP) project, a CBDC initiative aimed at improving the convenience, efficiency and resilience of the system. retail payments.

Eliminate emotional recruiting: How Pulsifi connects data and recruits; Its technology analyzes “tens of thousands” of job files parsed by client companies; After data processing, Pulsifi’s platform develops success profiles and predictive models to determine an individual’s suitability for the organization, while providing customized tips to increase engagement. of each employee.

How Canada is using AI to drive green growth; The country is exploring the use of AI to produce chemicals that help accelerate clean energy production, such as hydrogen; It is also using big data and AI to prepare the country’s electric vehicle infrastructure; It looks at environmental factors and drivers’ social behavior to forecast future infrastructure charging, energy production and grid expansion, Natural Resources Canada writes.

The way fintech startups are disrupting Indonesia’s digital banking market; Electronic banking Indonesia has found a foothold in the past year, leaving domestic banks in a difficult position to adapt or being left behind; Influencing factors such as high mobile device penetration, low broadband prices, a relatively young population and the number of people without a bank account have made Indonesia a hotspot for online banking and other Investors.

Vietnam’s first unicorn is betting on AI and growing overseas; Over the past decade and a half, VNG has diversified into cloud computing, advertising, digital payments and media, and built one of the largest digital user bases. domestic; Its chat app Zalo has 62 million users, second only to Facebook and YouTube in popularity in the country.

Know your customer: The only rule for startups looking to build trust on social media; Find out everything you can about your audience; If you don’t know who your audience is, you can’t give them what they want; Whether you’re targeting booming newbies, the younger generation, sports fans, new parents, and every intersection in between, it’s best to dive into the demographics of your audience to increase. interaction level.

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