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Ecosystem Roundup: Grab for secondary listing on SGX; Tiger Global poured 50 million US dollars into Ruangguru

Grab acquires $ 274 million stake in Emtek, spurring talks on the OVO-DANA merger; The deal is said to be traded through an investment company called H Holdings, which joined Naver in selling up to 8.4% of Emtek’s shares; These funds will go towards expanding the group’s business and funding day-to-day operations. More here

Tiger Global invests US $ 50 million in Ruangguru of Indonesia; With this, the Series C2 startup edutech start-up fundraiser has reached $ 55 million; This round closed the company’s valuation at $ 830 million; Ruangguru offers a learning management system as well as online learning video registration and exam simulation, catering to the K-12 educational verticals. More here

Grab is considering a secondary listing in Singapore following the merger of US SPAC; Listing on SGX will allow Grab to have an investor base close to where its regional headquarters are located, potentially providing easier access to customers, drivers and trading partners. to trade its shares; The potential listing plan in Singapore came after Grab this week agreed to merge $ 40 billion with SPAC, Altimeter Growth. More here

Is everything hunky-dory with a public listing via SPAC?; Grab’s valuation prior to the SPAC deal was about $ 15 billion, but with the SPAC and IPO deals, it’s currently valued at nearly $ 40 billion; The market signal is that even with negative EBITDA and past Series F and H phases, a company can still go ahead with an IPO and still be very attractive to investors, which is giving a boost. Controversial message for fledgling startups, a VC investor said. More here

Grab Philippines cofounder Zalora joins the $ 1.5 million seed round of cloud kitchen startup Kraver’s Canteen; Kraver’s is looking to build 100 kitchens across the Philippines, investing heavily in regional urban centers such as Cebu, Iloilo and Davao; Food delivery services required by the SEA are expected to quadruple by 2025, from US $ 4 billion to US $ 8 billion. More here

Indonesian startup edutech Institute Binar guarantees seed funding; Investors are Teja Ventures (lead), Eduspaze, The Indonesia Women Empowerment Fund, Savearth Fund; Binar Academy aims to equip high school and college students with the skills necessary to succeed in the burgeoning digital economy; It claims to have trained 8K + students and put talent to work, leading to 80% revenue growth last year. More here

Finch Capital’s Nomu Pay acquired Wirecard’s Asian assets; It will acquire Wirecard’s units in HK, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand; This investment is part of a larger Nomu Pay plan to build a leading unified payments company in high-growth customer segments in EMEA and Asia. More here

Filipino fintech company Plentina raised its seed by US $ 2.2 million; The main investors are Andrew Vigneault (CEO of ClearGraph, Unpopular Ventures and DV Collective; the startup has developed a mobile application that offers in-store credit installment loans to partners. major retailer, including 7-Eleven Philippines and Smart Communications. More here

The Taiwan fintech sector is poised to grow amid a booming startup ecosystem; StartupBlink’s Taiwan startup ecosystem map lists less than 40 fintech startups, implying that the domestic fintech ecosystem is still small; However, recent developments and initiatives from foreign technology companies and banks are expected to boost the sector. More here

The gojek-Tokopedia merger could transform Indonesia’s e-commerce market landscape; Both wish to reinforce the agreement as this would help them enhance their position as a ride-hailing and e-commerce provider specialized in e-commerce in Southeast Asia; gojek has expanded in countries including Vietnam and Singapore while Tokopedia has more than 100 million monthly active users in the country. More here

AirAsia invests heavily in the digital business; A Bloomberg the report said, citing sources that they were in talks with potential investors for a fundraising deal involving the issuance of new shares in the digital unit; In March, CEO Tony Fernandes said the airline’s so-called “super app,” launched in October 2020, would raise more than $ 250 million this year. More here

8 payment trends in SEA for the year 2021; The continued proliferation of contactless payments, expanding digital payments, BNPL, changing membership patterns, increasing crypto investment, and diversifying credit cards are among the trends. More here

Do you fit the pattern for the next generation of value-driven VCs?; The number of VCs is increasing and the industry becomes increasingly concentrated; This means just offering a large amount of money won’t get you charismatic with the best startups; Founders are looking for value over volume – they often want mission relevance, connectivity, value-added service and industry expertise rather than a blank check. More here

Business advisor: Start-up journey; Failure is part of any startup. But through these failures, they learn and grow; This allows them to have a better view as they develop value; Don’t make decisions in a hurry when you can spend your time and focus on creating what’s best for your business. Remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. More here

Edutech in SEA is ripe to accelerate. This is why they can help build a more inclusive society; The combination of the need for more access, recent digital and quality education creates a fertile ground for the education sector to thrive; There is a significant untapped opportunity for e-learning products and services to deliver quality learning programs to traditional underserved communities. More here

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