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Ecosystem Roundup: New blockchain game fund + massive fundraising of Halodoc and Ruangguru

Halodoc raised $ 80 million Series C USD; Investors include Astra International (leader), Temasek, TMI, Bangkok Bank; Halodoc solutions include 24X7 telephone consultation with physicians via chat, voice or video, and home lab services; It claims to work with 20K licensed physicians, 2K hospitals, clinics and laboratories and 4K registered pharmacies; This startup has raised $ 180 million since its founding in 2016. More here

Ruangguru raised US $ 55 million to develop its learning management system in Southeast Asia; With over 22 million users, Ruangguru provides a platform that allows teachers to create content and assign school jobs to students; Ruangguru runs StartDee in Thailand and KienGuru in Vietnam; Previously, it raised $ 150 million Series C, led by Global Atlantic and GGV Capital. More here

Play Ventures buys stakes in a crypto-focused LuneX fund from Golden Gate Ventures (GGV); There are plans to launch the blockchain game fund; LuneX was spun off from GGV in 2018 as one of SEA’s earliest blockchain and cryptocurrency funds; LuneX’s first fund, with a capital of $ 10 million, has been fully deployed on 15 startups. More here

Uploan guarantees US $ 15 million from Lendable to expand payroll financial services outside of the Philippines; Uploan loans, advance salary and insurance products; The company cooperates with more than 100 companies in the Philippines; It claims to have served 300,000 employees so far. More here

Altara Ventures joins FreeAgent’s $ 12.6 million SaaS Series A startup; FreeAgent helps companies optimize sales, marketing, customer success, and project management; Working with Altara will help FreeAgent expand into Southeast Asia. More here

The $ 10 million CoLearn bag Series A is co-led by Alpha Wave Incubation, GSV Ventures; The startup aims to provide a convenient, affordable and high-quality alternative to traditional offline tutoring for kids in Indonesia; As of today, it claims to reach 3.5 million students. More here

Singapore and the Philippines followed IPOs in Asia amid a boom in the US SPAC; The number of listed companies in Singapore and the Philippines is lower than regional peers, with each country having only one IPO per quarter; In contrast, Indonesia saw 12 IPOs bringing in $ 218 million while Thailand raised $ 1.6 billion from 5 and Malaysia $ 47 million from 4. More here

Democratizing property rights through crowdfunding has challenges: Daniel Lin of FundedHere; ‘The traditional standard of asking for a decent amount of money before investing in alternative products is less and less suitable because the size of the investment is now significantly smaller.’ More here

Vietnamese game publisher Funtap acquired more than 30% stake in e-wallet 9PAY; The alliance means Funtap users will be able to make game-related purchases using 9PAY’s e-wallet; Funtap claims to have more than 40 million customers worldwide; The company aims to reach $ 200 million in GMVs and 1.5 million users this year. More here

Qapita raised $ 5 million ahead of Series A; Investors include MassMutual Ventures, Endiya Partners, Angels; Qapita’s SaaS platform helps private companies and startups record and manage their limit boards and ESOPs. More here

STACS spent $ 3.6 million before Series A to expand its fintech blockchain platform; The investors are Wavemaker Partners (lead), Tribe Accelerator, Stellar Partners; STAC’s DLT platforms support efficient lifecycle management of securities and ESG financing aspects, including sustainable and green bonded loans and bonds. More here

MDI Ventures invests in logistics startups Waresix and Paxel, as reported by DealStreetAsia; Waresix, last year raised US $ 100 million from SoftBank, Emtek, etc., providing warehousing and trucking services; Paxel offers same-day delivery and a network of smart lockers. More here

Grosvenor invests in Taronga Ventures’ RealTech Fund which supports proptech startups; Taronga Group includes RealTech Venture Capital Fund, RealTechX Growth Program and Taronga Advisor; It has offices in Singapore and Australia. More here

Is SEA facing a rapidly growing technological talent crisis?; 66% of recruiting directors surveyed at SEA said it takes more than 3 months to fill an open technology position; The infocomm field will need 60,000 more professionals over the next three years. More here

Meet Mars Growth Capital (MGC), the next organization at APAC to provide debt financing to growth-stage tech startups; MGC is the result of a joint venture contract between MUFG Bank and Liquidity Capital; With MUFG Bank, LP, the fund had an initial capital commitment of 80 million USD; The fund has invested in companies like Hiver. More here

1337 Ventures, FWD Insurance partner to launch a pre-accelerator program for Malaysian fintech and insurtech startups; The top two startups will receive $ 36.5k in investments, in addition to $ 29.5k in infrastructure credits; Investigators also have a chance to get additional funding for their seed ahead of Round A. More here

What I learned about entrepreneurship came from my journey as a co-founder of Coinhako; First, don’t be distracted by shiny objects – new, trendy ideas can easily distract you; Remember to focus on your goals; Second, take risks and don’t be afraid to fail, but avoid making the same mistake twice; And third, hire people smarter than you. More here

Is Singapore the “Delaware” of Southeast Asia?; The government is extremely supportive of startups from all sectors and has adopted sponsorship and tax incentives policies to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to join the region’s premier business hub. . More here

What influences customers’ attitudes and behavior? Economic and psychological influences, brands, media, motivations, perceptions and cultural factors are the keys to consumer attitudes and behavior; A brand has value because it affects how customers can think and feel about a company. More here

Next Gen Foods shares the secrets behind a successful, fundraising expansion; In terms of fundraising, it’s important to understand what the investors are looking for, especially in how a company puts everything together. The combination of a good team, products and services as well as the way a company communicates and offers determines the overall goals investors are looking for. More here

The Evolution of Influencer Marketing in Southeast Asia; One trend likely to develop in 2021 is the rise of Nano and Micro influencers mainly due to high levels of interaction, low costs, and authenticity; Lifestyle e-commerce businesses are using influencers to drive traffic to their websites with swipe-up links through stories. More here

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