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Ecosystem Roundup: Tokopedia could sell its OVO stake to Grab, Razer makes its first green investment

Tokopedia may sell its OVO stake to Grab to accelerate merger with gojek; The fate of OVO, now owned by Grab, is a key point in the merger negotiations; Bank Indonesia’s rules prohibit an entity from holding a controlling stake in more than one digital wallet in the country.

The Singapore biotechnology company earned US $ 100 million through a share registration base agreement; In this regard, Austrianova has signed an agreement with the European Alternative Investment Group Global Emerging Markets (GEM) Global Profits; The agreement allows Austrianova to withdraw money from the facility by issuing shares of ordinary shares to the GEM.

Oyika’s way of helping to deal with global warming is through the electric power subscription that comes with the electronic motorcycle; Oyika partners with existing electronics / scooters manufacturers and turns their ICE models into smart bikes by combining them with portable swap batteries, swapping station networks and apps. mobile; It is currently negotiating to raise 100 million US dollars.

Mercular raised $ 3 million Series A to expand its hobby e-commerce platform in Thailand; The investors are Kairous Capital (main), Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčAgent, 500 Startups, N-Vest Venture and Premier Advisory Group; Mercular sells audio equipment, sporting goods, cameras and collectible metrics, among other things.

Razer invests in green for the first time in its Bambooloo brand of non-plastic daily necessities; The money came from Razer’s $ 50 million Green Fund; Bambooloo plans to expand into UK and US; Bambooloo provides daily essentials for health that help reduce water use, the impact of carbon and slow deforestation; Apart from Singapore and Malaysia, their products are also available in New Zealand.

Singapore’s crypto copy-trading platform Alpha Impact raised $ 3.1 million prior to launch; Investors include LuneX Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures and SMO Capital; Alpha Impact allows users to mimic the trades of more experienced traders; Users will be able to choose traders to follow based on their risk profile.

Green for the good: 9 agricultural startups in Southeast Asia fight deforestation; These are Bambooloo, CocoPallet, Farm-In-A-Box, iGrow, Impact Terra, Poptani Asia, RiTX, Sustenir Group, Tunas Farm, Ecosia and Dendra Systems; In honor of Earth Day on April 22, e27 These have rounded up agricultural startups with the aim of directly or indirectly curbing deforestation in Southeast Asia.

Beenext, SOSV, Entrepreneur Investing for the first time in Indian startup Unbox Robotics; The company built using a proprietary plug-and-play swarm robot system to automate and improve package sorting and order consolidation while using floor space, and optimal capital; It is cooperating closely with 6 e-commerce and logistics businesses in India, SEA and USA.

Malaysia merged 2 government agencies related to TPM technology, MaGIC; TMP is just the 4th generation tech park in Malaysia with physical incubators and tech infrastructure, while MaGIC has played a pivotal role in nurturing tech startups and ecosystems. innovative innovation; A new joint task force comprising both TPM and MaGIC will be established to oversee the establishment of the new agency.

Greentech China launches smart charging robot for electric vehicles; Called Mochi, the device connects and manages more than 200 gigawatts of renewable energy assets globally; It can charge EV for two hours for a flight range of up to 600 km and is compatible with most major EVs on the market.

News Wars: Will the tech giants soon reap a lot of money for media content?; Facebook and Google benefit from platform users who use their channels for news management by being able to display ads at different stages in the process; But so do publishers, at least when users click on their pages through a web browser, AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and FBIA (Facebook Instant Articles).

Why did I leave a budding career in America to help ambitious developers in the Philippines; The Philippines is a country full of humble and hardworking people with limitless potential, and they can go as far as they want, but they lack the skills, resources, and mindset needed to make that happen. real. Skills like software development, application design, storytelling, and copywriting are critical to an ever-changing world. Hikre school is here to do that.

Current situation of e-commerce in production; B2B buyers, similar to their B2C counterparts, have expectations of increasing their online preference. And even as more international sales interactions take place through online channels, customers still have to navigate the complicated B2B buying process.

Companies lose money when it comes to attracting digital talent: survey; To support their digital transformation initiatives in the aftermath of the pandemic, 86% of respondents in Singapore expect that they will need to improve their employees’ digital skills; 89% said they need to strengthen their digital infrastructure and 71% said they need to recruit digital talent.

HWGG Capital partners with Fintech Bank in digital financial services; Both parties will continue to leverage the HWGCash App so that customers open both personal or business bank accounts allowing digital asset payments to proceed directly to their bank accounts; HWGG Capital has been providing digital asset management services through the HWGCash App platform.

7 ways to build a team with little or no money; If you can’t give them money yet, give them equity in your company; If you have great work to provide and time to mentor and guide others, recruiting interns is an alternative to paid team members; If you can’t pay full-time team members, you can use contractors, part-time employees or students instead.

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