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“Electoral plots persist thanks to the Arizona GOP audit”


Months after the election failure of former President Donald Trump, Legislative Republicans in Arizona are challenging the outcome as they embark on an unprecedented effort to test results in populous county. most of the state.

The state Senate used its subpoena to own all 2.1 million ballots in Maricopa County and the machines that count them, along with a computer hard drive filled with data. They handed the document over to Cyber ​​Ninjas, a Florida-based consulting firm with no electoral experience run by a man who shared unfounded conspiracy theories, claiming the results. Official presidential elections in 2020 are not legal.

This process has alarmed electoral experts, who fear that auditors are failing to meet the complicated task and will seriously undermine confidence in democracy.

“I think the activities that are going on here are reckless and they are not,” said Jennifer Morrell, a partner at Elections Group, a consulting firm that advises state and local election officials. with an audit. in Arizona.



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