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Emilio Fede hospitalized in San Raffaele. “They beat me” – Chronicles

The former Tg4 manager, who will turn 90 on June 24, has been hospitalized for several days at San Raffaele in Milan. When he was told that he was in critical condition, he himself reassured his health condition, explaining that he was the victim of an unfortunate accident but was recovering from his health. “I was crossing the street and I didn’t notice that a car was coming and hitting me,” he told ANSA over the phone and added that he had an arm, leg and shoulder surgery.

“I was taken to the hospital by ambulance – he continued -. I bruised, I had to pay the price for my distraction but I’m glad it could have been much worse.” Therefore, his hospital admission unrelated to Covid gave a positive result last December, when after a period of isolation in a hotel on the Naples coast, which was about to close for the term. For the Christmas holiday, he was transferred to Covid’s mansion aboard the Campania capital’s Asl 1 train.

In Naples, Fede chose to stay on probation by the Milan Supervisory Court for social services, to redeem the remaining four-year sentence for the ‘Ruby bis’ case after being detained for about a year. . A quest allows him to go out from day 6 to day 22.

Last June, he was arrested at Partenope, on the Naples coast, while he was having dinner with his wife Diana to celebrate his 89th birthday, after escaping from house arrest. Later, the investigative judge noted that the journalist was allowed to leave home for health reasons – in Naples he was being treated by an orthopedist for the consequences of the fall and a cardiologist – insisted that age and birthday celebrations “have significantly weakened the flame of tax evasion”.


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