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Energy Stone City of the Netherlands builds a 1,560 MW thermal power plant in Uzbekistan

Stone City Energy of the Netherlands and the Uzbekistan Energy Ministry signed in Tashkent on April 19 an Power Purchase Agreement and an Investment Agreement for the construction of a new thermal power plant (TPP) in the Surkhandarya Region, Ministry said.

“The agreements signed with Stone City Energy are another example of Uzbekistan working with international partners for the benefit of the country,” Uzbekistan’s Energy Minister. Alisher Sultanov to speak. “Due to the country’s economic growth and the growing demand of the population, we need to meet future energy needs. We look forward to working closely with Stone City in the coming years, ”he added.

The total value of the 1,560MW TPP construction project is 1.2 billion USD, the project is expected to start the project by the end of 2024, the Uzbekistan Energy Ministry said on April 20. Stone City will design, finance, construct, operate, operate, and administer this new TPP for 25 years.

TPP will use the latest technologies, including modern HL supply gas and gas units produced by Siemens Energy, which will save 1.1 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually.

The TPP construction will create 2,000 jobs with 150 specialist jobs will be created after operation.

Stone City Energy, a special purpose Dutch company headquartered in Rotterdam, operates in the electricity generation and distribution sectors. The company, established in May 2019 as the basis for the group will fund, project, construct and operate mixed cycle gas turbine power plants and distribution in Uzbekistan.



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