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Enhance your masking experience with this new high-tech mask

Photo credit: Xupermask

Starting last year, the World Health Organization encouraged the use of masks as a preventive measure against Covid-19, now becoming synonymous with everyday life with many governments catching up. must wear a mask. If you leave the house, a mask will carry you just like your house key. With the sudden increase in the use of masks, factories are having difficulty keeping up with global demand and thus the introduction of masks made from fabric.

The fashion industry sees this as an opportunity for their brands to create a new type of accessory and jump in the race. However, we need to note that design masks in general are not a new phenomenon. For Louis Vuitton’s Spring / Summer 2008 collection by Marc Jacobs, the former creative director had supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Stepanie Seymour and Natalia Vodianova wear a black lace LV mask. Recently, pop superstar Billie Eilish drew attention when wearing a Gucci mask with interlocking G motifs. In addition to megabrands, smaller fashion labels have also launched their own iterations or even offer instructions on how to make at-home masks, such as Hillary Taymour by Collina Strada.

Billie Eilish in a Gucci mask; Image credit: Getty Images

Realizing the benefits of wearing a mask in our daily lives, many companies outside of the fashion industry are exporting modern masks that not only purify pathogens, but also allow the wearer to listen to music. And here we introduce Xupermask, designed by Will.i.am and in association with Honeywell, an industrial engineering and manufacturing company. The rapper and entrepreneur claims to be bringing two versions of the high-tech mask that combine protection, design and usability into a single product.

“We have long considered shoes as protective goods, but they are just cultural items that we go out and buy,” says Will.i.am in an interview with CNBC. “The mask must have the same kind of attention to detail, love and care where you don’t compromise aesthetics to keep yourself and others safe.”

The Xupermask, available in two colors, is retailing for $ 299, and it has an LED light, 3-speed fan and noise-canceling headphones. Included with each purchase is a three-month HEPA filter, a USB-C charging cable and an additional fabric mask.



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