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Enhance your month Overcoming the taboos to serve an underserved market

A large part of the population buys the products periodically about once a month. So it seems like a perfect fit for the burgeoning registration box industry. However, this market is sometimes not served because of the taboo nature of the products.

Enter Exploit your month. The founder’s military service convinced her of the importance of access to these items. Read about her and the company’s story below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What businesses do

Provide a feminine hygiene registration box.

JaBett founder Glenn told Small Business Trends, “Not only are we making the period more convenient, shipping registration boxes of all the necessary feminine care equipment to our customers every month, but they are I also help all the women and girls to “bounce off their own month”. As part of our business model, Rock Your Month raises proceeds from all registered members to provide feminine care to women in underserved communities. . “

Niche business

Help women and girls in need.

“Recently, we have partnered with local organizations including the Michigan Veterans Business Association and Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries and have been able to support more than 7,000 women / children,” said Glenn. Girls in need. This is extremely important, as a recent study found that 1 in 5 US teenagers have difficulty buying era products or cannot afford them at all. The study also noted that periodic poverty and the lack of timely products lead to a significantly higher risk of infection and emotional anxiety.

How business began

Because of the founder’s military experience.

Glenn explained, “I got the idea for Rock Your Month after seeing the importance of convenience and accessibility to feminine hygiene products during my military training experience.”

Biggest victory

Storage National era product drive.

“The initial challenge is that everything is virtual due to COVID limitations,” says Glenn. So we don’t know how it will play out. But thinking hard, we set up a virtual campaign through our Facebook platform and worked with both the public sector and the military to raise awareness and accept donations. Overall, we have successfully mobilized more than 5,000 women’s care products to support 125 women and girls across 2 Detroit homes. When I personally deliver to each destination, there is no better feeling in the world than seeing the smiles and excitement on their faces as we roll in boxes ” .

The biggest risk

Entering an industry looks taboo.

“I know the need is yes and our subscription model makes sense,” adds Glenn. But does the public feel that way? Would women accept the concept of a complete reevaluation of the way we manage our menstrual care? We have done the research. And it looks promising. But you really never know until you go. So with the boxes already stockpiled and about to be released, the worst case scenario is not selling one and now there is really a lifetime of sanitary napkins in my house ((laughs)) . But it worked. And not only does it work, we are also able to create great pathways, support women everywhere, and work with excellent organizations along the way. “

Lessons Learned

Just getting started.

“If I could do it all over again, I would start earlier,” Glenn said. I’ll take the leap sooner BEFORE trying to “find it all”. It doesn’t have to be perfect (nothing is perfect). Having understood that and embraced beauty in the development process, I believe we can start earlier, set the company BEFORE a pandemic and only need to scale up as needed to meet commercial needs. E-commerce is on the rise. “

How will they spend $ 100,000 extra

Expanding product lines, building brands and opening brick and mortar stores.

Glenn explains, “As a structured business in e-commerce with the goal of impacting an active community, I have key goals for Rock Your Month. And $ 100,000 is sure to go far in supporting those goals! “

Makeup group

Her family and friends from many different points in her life.

Glenn explains, “When I call each person the original concept is the year back. They love the idea and trust it 100%. “

* * * * *

Photo: Rock Your Month, JaBett Glenn



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