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Enter the silver age with Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925

Tudor begins with the introduction of new models in 2021 with Tudor Black Bay Chrono, a watch we have been waiting for last year, but we will lead this story with the 39mm Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925. Why? Yes, for one thing, it has a silver case (hence the name 925) and an exhibition case – the first for Tudor, the latter being the first for the Black Bay. To be honest, the team is discussing whether any major brands have silver dive watches in current production but we think not (this is the Internet, please fix us) . These facts explain our leading decision to this work, because it raises questions.

First of all, you might wonder why the pound is silver? This material may have been used for pocket watches, but it was never particularly popular with wristwatches. The problem is stability, as the metal will age and can even be irritants to one’s skin. Tudor does not explain what alloys are used here, what with patents and everything, but it says stability is not an issue. In the teaser video, the brand hinted that something in gold and silver had been added here. Now it could be anything from gold to platinum, or copper to zinc. However, we speculate that there must be something inert to make this Black Bay suitable for wide exposure on one’s wrist.

The next issue to discuss is the exhibition case, which allows the world to see the automatic caliber MT5400 produced. This size might sound weird, but it’s a variant on the MT5402 that powers a wide range of Black Bay models. According to Hodinkee, the main difference between the MT5400 and the MT5402 lies in the size of the base plate, which has been adjusted to better accommodate lining up through that show window. Yes, this is a tool watch but it clearly craves some watch face appreciation. Offer the way Black Bay Collection Developing, this could actually be a very smart move. As for the relevant taupe dial, we will reserve the review until we see the watch, which will be for this week.

And now, Chrono 41mm… Last year marked the 50thorder Tudor chronograph celebrates but clearly the event overcame this. It’s here finally, and it has an automatic movement MT5813, which is not new. Last time we saw it in The S&G modelBut it’s now available in steel variants, so stay tuned for any watch enthusiast… if you can afford it. From the same presentation video, we understand that the Black Bay Chrono 2021 is thinner than its predecessors but we will again decline the rating until we test live.

Finally, there’s a full gold watch to take part in, but we’ll just go shallow with it for now. It is also the Black Bay Fifty-Eight to make two valuable additions (kind) of 2021 for that popular family. We’ll definitely spend more space on it in the future, perhaps in magazines.

All photos courtesy of Tudor.



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