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Episode ‘Ossi di Seppia’ dedicated to Chernobyl – Tv

The Chernobyl disaster in the sixteenth episode of the first non-fiction TV series ‘Ossi di Seppia, the noise of memories’. The main character of the episode is Diana Lucia Medri, at that time a girl living in a town in Belarus, several dozen kilometers from the nuclear power plant. That explosion will change her life. Diana lost her family and was adopted in Italy by a couple from Codogno. And it was in Codogno, almost 35 years later, due to a ridiculous game of fate, that the first case of coronavirus broke out in Italy. More spooky, quieter, more fearful, another invisible enemy. For Diana, it was like reliving a movie that once lived. One side is radiation and the other is virus and in his story “remember to remind others”.

“Squid bones. The noise of memory ”, currently exclusively on RaiPlay, recounts events that characterize Italy’s 30-year history through testimony from those who have lived through it.


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