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Eric Ripert’s 2-ingredient mushroom soup recipe

Eric Ripert is best known as the chef and co-owner of Le Bernardin in New York, a seafood-focused restaurant with three Michelin stars for its name. Which means it will be surprising when he writes a full veggie cookbook, titled Simple vegetables, was released yesterday.

Full of recipes inspired by the simple preparation of simple agricultural products, short ingredients and childhood by Ripert, this 200-page vegetarian cookbook seems a bit of a surprise from an expert chef. about seafood like that. But in fact, it was a multi-year project going on: “At Le Bernardin, we have the mantra: ‘The fish is the star of the disc’,” Ripert told mindbodygreen. “Although that’s still true, about three years ago, I was very curious about vegetables and started to explore why we didn’t highlight them in a protein-similar way.”

Ripert is not alone in his passion for vegetables, the restaurants from fast food to fine dining have embraced the rise of vegetarians and vegans – but at mindbodygreen we have always been fascinated by The power of Plant based diet. (In fact, Ripert’s dedication to the book “for the well-being of all” is not too far from our core view.)

This secret recipe demonstrates the type of cooking the book stands out for: simple, clean and completely focused on vegetables. Consomm√© is one type of broth, done with a technique to keep the mixture free of sediment. While it usually starts with animal protein, this vegan version uses mushroom. Ripert writes: “I love serving this specialty at the beginning of a meal,” The lightness is deceiving and it amazes my guests with its rich, rich flavor. “

Even though you take out the majority of the mushrooms before serving, that doesn’t mean they have to go to waste: “You can reuse the stretched mushrooms by incorporating them into another dish or simply enjoy them marinated in olive oil and vinegar, seasoned with salt and pepper, “he offered as a suggestion.



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