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ETF Wrap: Get rid of it all

Raise your hand if you have a case of cabin fever.

13 months of course! You want to see all (other) things, go all (different) places and never take a conference call from the couch again.

We could have a new market mode for that. An ETF is dedicated to travel and more importantly, restaurant-themed has hardly been successful in the past. But now the stars have aligned. What might have felt a bit too relevant in the past is now the only thing most of us are thinking about. And as of this week, there are two new ETFs for that.

No matter whether an investment is a “good” or “right” choice for your portfolio (after all, an ETF was created with the intent of shorting certain assets. , as well as long-term purchases), Wrap will keep a close eye on this launch – intended to play air travel pun -.

Will the investment thesis resonate? Or is it too soon? (Is it possible for something like an ETF to exist indirectly?)

We’ll leave you with Frank, and even if you don’t leave your hut, dear, we really hope you’re not in a mess. Thanks for reading.

Take off?

“Send more ETFs that are reopening!” Wrap begging at the beginning of MarchFew funds, however, will attract stakes in travel, hospitality and entertainment companies for investors who think those companies will benefit when the COVID vaccine is launched.

Ask and get it: Wednesday saw the launch of two fully-suited ETFs for now. The AdvisorShares Hotel ETF
+ 0.41%

investment in the tourism industry, with a focus on hotel and Restaurant AdvisorShares ETF
+ 0.99%

as its name suggests.

“AdvisorShares is“ looking to take advantage of the current environment, but there is a longer-term investment theme for both restaurants, hotels and entertainment, ”said Todd Rosenbluth. Have a number of successful travel-oriented ETFs, though not focusing primarily on hotels, he noted, and previous attempts at restaurant-themed funds have failed. “There isn’t a lot of white space in the ETF community,” Rosenbluth told MarketWatch. “There are thousands of products and not many untapped areas but this captures two of them.”

Rosenbluth said the fever for funds that will capitalize on the reopening theme will likely help AdvisorShares overcome some of the tough early hurdles for new funds, such as gathering enough assets. It is also likely that these funds will attract some investors looking to diversify discretionary consumer holdings, which tend to lean toward some giant names, such as Amazon.com Inc. .

and Tesla Inc

The two new funds will be actively managed, which Rosenbluth thinks is a boon to rapidly changing industries, both organizationally and due to the changes brought about by COVID-19. For example, EATZ includes food delivery companies such as Doordash Inc.
+ 0.45%

and Grubhub
+ 0.75%

that can not happen with previous efforts to raise funds restaurants. BEDZ includes Airbnb Inc.
+ 2.18%
a company that has only been open about four months and is not part of the criteria widely securities.

“The beauty of the active management ingredient is that management has the power to make changes based on consumer needs, from fast food to fast food or even on-site dining,” Rosenbluth said. ”Rosenbluth said.

Sundry purchases and exchanges

Earth Day, April 22, will see the launch of Invesco MSCI ETF Green Building
which Invesco says will be the first to focus on the “whole green building ecosystem,” with the ability to reach companies “maximizing their exposure to every step of the construction process. certified green – not only sustainable real estate, but all phases of construction, redevelopment and retrofit green certified properties. “

Simplify, developer of a number An ETF is based on options documented by MarketWatch, Hired Michael Green as a patriarchal strategist. Green has held several senior roles in the asset management space, most recently at Logica Capital Advisers, LLC, and is an outstanding researcher and writer, with a giant Twitter following. @ profplum99.

Even as US investors wait for news of a Bitcoin ETF, three ethereum ETFs launching this week in Canada: Purpose Ether ETF

CI Galaxy Ethereum ETF by CI Global Asset Management

and ETFs development of Ether ETFs

Is there an ETF for that?

This isn’t the most compelling investment suggestion you’ll hear for Earth Day, but the two major investment managers have just turned to bullish on the utility sector – and there are plenty of ETFs for that.

JPMorgan analysts said in an April 19 note: “We see a favorable drop for steady performance, with adjusted inflation concerns, steady yields and a beta version. utility continues to decrease ”. Gadgets can also be promoted – not to mention some green factor – from The White House’s proposed infrastructure plan.

Analysts at Ned Davis Research agree. Gadgets can become a stealth green energy game with stronger defensive characteristics than more traditional green energy tools, they write.

While so-called bond trusts – safer areas that generate returns for investors – are often risky in the rising exchange rate environment, NDR analysts suggest that could be less occurs than in previous cycles. In addition, the current dividend yield for this sector, which is 3.5%, is the second highest among the S&P 500 sectors, after only energy.

The NDR analysts write: “The (utility) industry has historically seen healthy gains, yielding 10-year Treasury yields of more than 1%. On Wednesdays, the 10-year treasury bond is offered

yield 1.566%.

SPDR Fund Select the Utility area

by far and away is the largest utility ETF, with approximately $ 12.6 billion in assets. Followed by the Vanguard Utility ETF,

which charges less than a few basis points – 0.09%, as opposed to 0.12%. Among other traditional utility ETFs, the one that did the best this year was the AlphaDEX First Trust Utilities Foundation
9.7% increase compared to 7.1% for XLU.

JPMorgan analysts come up with some of their favorite stock options. Entergy Corp.,

deals with discounts to competitors, among them. “With the current plan towards renewable energy and an expanded runway for renewable energy investments by 2030, we see the company entering a period of renewable energy expansion and expectation of Relevant valuations increase from the growing ETR’s ‘green’, “they write.” Existing logistics assets seem to give the company a meaningful start in exploring the hydrogen potential. “

The ETF with the largest holdings is completely non-traditional utility ETF: VanEck Vectors Uranium + Nuclear Energy

The ETF, at 6.4%, is followed by John Hancock Multifactor Utilities ETF
at 3.9%, according to FactSet data.

JP Morgan analysts as well as Dominion Energy Inc.
, writing, “In our opinion, modern D represents the best in class, regulated pure play with compelling green growth plans.” NLR, the VanEck Vectors fund, has the largest share allocation, at 8.1% of the portfolio, followed by XLU.

Pictures of the week
Weekly raps
Top 5 gainers in the past week

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iShares MSCI Global Gold Miners ETF


Sprott Gold Miners ETF


VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF


VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF


Source: FactSet, until the end of trading on Wednesday, April 21, excluding ETN and leveraged products

Top 5 discounts last week

VanEck Vectors Digital Transformation ETF


ETF amplification transforms data sharing


SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ETF


Morgan Creek – Exos SPAC original ETF
+ 0.36%


Invesco S&P SmallCap Energy ETF


Source: FactSet, until the end of trading on Wednesday, April 21, excluding ETN and leveraged products

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