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Europe is about to close all coal power plants by 2030

Europe Beyond Coal said that as of March 23, Europe is about to close all coal power plants by 2030, adding that 162 announcements of plant shutdowns are needed to reach this point. was launched five years after the United Nations historic Paris Climate Agreement.

The Europe Beyond Coal countdown includes all 324 coal plants operating in Europe as of January 1, 2016. The 162th important coal plant closure announcement was issued by the EDF, confirming that they will shut down the West Burton coal plant in 2022. “This is a very significant announcement. An important milestone is that the latest possible date is that all coal plants in Europe must close to meet the Paris Agreement goals of 2030, ”said Europe Beyond Coal in an email.

On March 22, French energy giant EDF outlined a plan to close the West Burton coal plant by 2022.

“We are in the final stages of the coal industry in Europe,” said Kathrin Gutmann, Campaign director Europe Beyond Coal. “After years of relentless decline, half of Europe’s coal fleet is history. Governments, energy companies and financial institutions now have to plan out coal escape by 2030 or earlier, end all funding flows for coal and fossil gas, and instead Therefore, directing their support to sustainable renewable energy and the equitable transition of affected communities. The next five years will eliminate most of the remaining plant species, ”she added.

“The economic and political realities, regarding the great public need to protect our climate, cleaning our air and water mean coal and other fossil fuels simply no future. Fourteen European countries understand this and have washed their hands on coal, ”said Gutmann, adding,“ The few that remain have a clear choice: plan for 2030 now, with all the benefits of clean, cheap renewable energy and EU funding for the transition, or forced transition later, but no plan, chaos, damage to people and workers, loss damage to people’s health, and must be paid outside the national budget ”.



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