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European regulator polls whether Russians will be forced to participate in Sputnik vaccine trials: report

Health regulators in Europe are investigating whether volunteers participating in Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine trial are under pressure to participate, according to the report.

The European Pharmaceutical Authority (EMA) is evaluating whether Sputnik V can be used in Europe, and the agency is also expected to investigate whether vaccine trials comply with national standards. Accepted practice or not is called “Good Clinical Practice” (GCP).

It happened after text messages were released in December that Reuters news agency said from the manager of a state office in Moscow pressured his staff to register for the trial.

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Staff has been charged with signing up for the flu shot that prevented them from getting the test vaccination. Manager Sergei Martyanov is said to have texted: ‘Colleagues !!! … What kind of vandalism is this ???, ‘

‘Who are you trying to trick ??? Coronavirus vaccine is an absolute priority !!! ‘he allegedly wrote, asking staff to recruit friends and family.

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The EMA is expected to announce next week, they will look at whether Sputnik’s tests are morally conducted, according to a report in the journal.Mr. Financial Times newspaper, said the participants included state employees and military personnel. The trial is funded by the Kremlin’s Direct Investment Fund (RDIF)

RDIF boss Kirill Dmitriev, told the newspaper that the EMA inspection is expected to begin next week and added: “No pressure [on participants] and Sputnik V has followed all clinical practice ”.

“While evaluation of the Sputnik V vaccine is in progress, we cannot comment on planned or ongoing tests,” the EMA said. The need for GCP testing to conduct clinical trials is reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the EMA’s Committee on Human Medicine Science, CHMP. “

Other vaccines currently in use around the world include the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca


Johnson & Johnson


and Pfizer




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