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European stocks held steady at record levels, but yields rose higher

European stocks traded steady on Friday, but held near record levels as investors receptive to the latest comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, and new data shows Inflationary pressure on the rise in China.

Stoxx Europe 600

traded flat at 436.71. The index rose 0.6% to 436.86 on Thursday, marking a record close. DAX of Germany

0.1% lower and the FTSE 100

down 0.3%, while CAC of France
+ 0.07%

0.1% increase. GBP

and the euro

weaker than the dollar.

US stock futures
+ 0.04%

+ 0.09%

Little has changed, too, with the Nasdaq-100 future

slightly decreased when the yield on 10-year treasury bonds

increase to 1.67% higher. The yield on the German 10-year package

has increased by 1 basis point 0.315%. S&P 500 index
+ 0.42%

recorded a 19th-record close in 2021 on Thursday, led by technology stocks thanks to a drop in Treasury yields at the end of the year.

Fed Chairman Powell repeated his opinion that any inflation spike this year will be temporary at a webinar hosted by the International Monetary Fund on Thursday.

But equities in China and Hong Kong plunged on Friday after China reported consumer prices were higher in March, due to higher fuel prices, while production prices rose at the fastest rate in more than 4 years.

Investors have spent months fending off fears that a stronger rebound from the pandemic could trigger inflation that central banks will try to cool down, possibly through rate hikes. .

Neil Wilson, head of market analysis at Markets.com, said: “It is a clear indication of strong demand for goods made in China, as well as the cost of raw materials. increase.

In other places, German and French both industrial production fell unexpectedly in February, due to sluggish economies. But German exports continue to recover in February despite restrictions on door locks caused by the pandemic. Industrial production of Spain also stagnated.

Among the moving stocks, the stock is TUI

down 7% after the company also launched a € 350 million ($ 416 million) convertible bond offering. The multinational travel and travel agency also had a technical problem on a flight that misassigned some passengers and made the flight take off 1,200 kg heavier than it should be, according to the report on Thursday.

Spanish activities and construction services

confirmed his interest in purchasing Italian holding company Atlantia SpA’s
+ 1.07%

share of toll road operator Autostrade per l’Italia with an estimated corporate value of € 9 to 10 billion ($ 10.73 billion to $ 11.92 billion). Shares in Atlantia rose 3.3%, while shares of construction and engineering firm ACS fell 0.4%.

Shares of Airbus
+ 2.86%

The aircraft maker was up more than 2% after the aircraft maker announced deliveries and orders late Thursday, reporting 72 deliveries in March.

“While most deliveries were the A320 series, we were very excited with the eight A350s delivered in March (compared with 2 in January and February combined). “ We remain confident this year, but continue to worry about the long-term supply / demand balance, ” said Citi analyst Charles J Armitage.



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