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European stocks traded around record levels as the Fed confirmed its loose policy stance

European stocks on Thursday were on track to regain record highs, as equities across the globe continue to benefit from the reopening of economies, fiscal stimulus and easing monetary policy. .

Stoxx Europe 600
+ 0.36%

in morning trading, trading rose 0.4 percent to 436.03, well above the record-breaking 435.26 closing just Tuesday.

DAX of Germany
+ 0.08%

has also jumped near a record, while the UK’s FTSE 100
+ 0.19%

and CAC 40 of France
+ 0.53%

about 11% to 13% lower than the all-time high.

This is the first chance for European traders to react to the minutes of a previous meeting of the Federal Reserve, where the central banks of the world’s largest economy announced that they were not in a hurry to slow down. bond purchase level.

“The Federal Reserve is in no hurry to end its extremely adaptive monetary support. That’s the conclusion from the latest minutes of the Federal Open Market Commission Meeting in March, which means we haven’t learned anything new, ”said Hussein Sayed, chief market strategist at FXTM.

US stock futures
+ 0.29%

+ 0.69%

are just higher and yields are on the 10-year Treasury

is 1.66%. Those returns come amid the Biden administration shows signs of a willingness to compromise on plans for spending on infrastructure, and in particular a plan to raise corporate taxes from 21% to 28%. Europe’s own fiscal stimulus, the 750 billion euro next-generation European Union plan, has yet to be ratified by all 27 national parliaments, with a German constitutional court among the obstacles.

In Europe’s Moving Stock, Johnson Matthey
+ 3.23%

6% increase, after the chemical and metallurgist said increased activity in automobiles and other important final markets and that cost control would mean operating profits adjusted at the highest level from 405 million to 502 million pounds. Johnson Matthey also said it is conducting a strategic review of its medical business.

British American
+ 1.32%

Up 3%, after saying it plans to cut off the thermal coal business, which will be listed in Johannesburg and London. In a nod to investors sensitive to environmental issues, the metal giant said there were “many different views of Anglo American shareholders regarding thermal coal and thus supply. shareholders of Anglo American, including those with specific investment criteria, choose to act on such views ”.


shares fell 3%, after vial maker COVID-19 confirmed earnings and revenue prospects, after first-quarter earnings per share rose 33% thanks to a 3% increase in organic revenue.



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