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Everyone is talking about sweet potato toast, here are 8 recipes to try

The day that I finally fear has arrived… I was diagnosed as plastic powder intolerance last year. As someone who likes to eat and eat bread, I feel like life is over. Although I still can’t maintain a 100% gluten-free diet yet, I miss the elegance of simplicity toasted bread. In my opinion, toast with butter is one of the most underrated breakfast dishes. Enter sweet potato toast.

I will forever be grateful for the creative chefs out there who turn cauliflower into pizza, kale into french fries, and sweet potatoes into bread. AND makes it easy for amateurs like me to do the same.

If you haven’t heard of sweet potato toast, it’s basically a thin slice of sweet potato that is used as the base for all your favorite toppings instead of bread. . Even when you’re gluten-free, sweet potato toast is a great way to satisfy your carb cravings in a nutrient-dense way. The best part? Have Endless flavor combinations for every meal of the day.

Save this post for the next time you make a daily loaf of bread Toast butter, and try one of these eight sweet potato toast recipes.

Why we love it: If you’re like me and still eat buttered toast for breakfast almost every day, this is the perfect recipe for you to try. It’s as easy as the real thing, especially if you pre-toast sweet potato and equally delicious. I love the crunchiness the radish in this recipe adds, but feel free to add whatever you’re used to. Personally I am a part to keep it simple with olive oil and Everything except bagel seasoning.

Hero composition: Avocado, duh.

Why we love it: This recipe is my favorite Tasty’s Sweet Potato Toast 9 Ways. Peanut butter toast is my comfort food and this recipe takes it to new heights. This is probably the easiest recipe on the list, but one of my favorites. Using your favorite nut butters, I use cashew butter, and to top it off with bananas and cinnamon (I also love this recipe with strawberries or blueberries). If you’re looking for something sweet, pour in some honey, it’s a game changer.

Hero composition: Dash of cinnamon goes a long way.

Why we love it: Camille says best: you won’t even miss the bread with these sweet potato crostinis. Think of these as small sweet potato toast so you can try many flavors at once. All three combinations started with goat cheese wrapped in leather and were then filled with smoked salmon + chives leaves, pear + honey + thyme or pomegranate seed + pecan candy, but use whatever you have on hand.

Hero composition: Goat cheese. Goat cheese too.

Why we love it: When I finally mastered the art of frying eggs, the game was over. In my opinion, you can order anything with a fried egg and it looks great: pizza, burgers, pasta, you name it. This sweet potato toast recipe is no exception. If you’re looking for a protein and veggie-rich breakfast, this is the meal for you. If you are looking to make it simpler and are in a tough time, I recommend swapping the cooked spinach for arugula or other green salads or topping it with scrambled eggs and bacon. .

Hero composition: That perfectly cooked omelette.

Why we love it: This recipe is so delicious that I just discovered it recently. Hummus is one of the other foods that goes well with almost anything, but it shocked me about its perfect taste with sweet potatoes. I don’t make my own hummus, as this recipe suggests, but I never skip adding crispy chickpeas to my store-bought hummus and neither should you.

Hero composition: Crispy chickpeas, 100%.

Why we love it: This baking and baking method is Camille’s favorite way to get crispy baked sweet potatoes and serve as a toast. The honey and avocado mix gives potatoes the perfect caramel finish, and that, plus the freshness of a top layer, creates the burst of flavor you’ll crave every day.

Hero composition: Oh honey.

Why we love it: Now we are becoming favorites. Mediterranean diet Now is all the rage, and this toast made me think I could do it forever. Don’t let this recipe scare you off, it’s easier than you think and I bet you already have most, if not all, of the ingredients. Eat for lunch, serve as appetizer, serve as dinner, this refreshing dish will be your summer haunt.

Hero composition: Two words: Tahini sauce.

Why we love it: Bagels & Lox, meet Smoked Salmon and Guacamole. Smoked Salmon lovers, here is the recipe for you. Simple guac with lemon juice and lime pepper salt to flavor the simplest breakfast, lunch or appetizer. I’m not a giant smoked salmon girl, but the recipe recommends swapping salmon for black beans as a vegan option, and that variation is now one of my lunch out lunches. You can also use it This toast Camille for print, just exchange bread for sweet potatoes.

Hero composition: Guacamole simple.

Why we love it: If I have a chance, I will eat round bread with cream cheese every day. However, this recipe satisfies my cravings all the time. My favorite out of the three vegetable options is definitely the sliced ​​cucumber, and I add Everything but Bread Seasoning (I add this to almost everything I do… sorry).

Hero composition: Please add the cream cheese.

Why we love it: Ricotta and the berry is a match made out of heaven. Drizzle with honey and you’ve got yourself a flavor combo you’ll dream of. This easy-to-eat combo topping is something I love to have on lazy weekend mornings to make myself feel like I’m in a 5-star hotel for breakfast in bed. The fun fact is that ricotta is actually really easy to do, so if you’re excited, do it this recipe and do it from scratch.

Hero composition: Dreamy honey ricotta drizzle.

Do you have other ideas? Comment on how to eat your favorite sweet potato toast below.



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