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Everything you want to know about your dog’s penis behavior

Living with a dog means living with, or at least ignoring, their somewhat rude behavior. Whether it is dogs sniff the ass of other dogs or junk food, all part of parenting canines. However, a male dog behaves extremely shamefully, especially when around polite friends. It is the infrequent appearance of his dog’s penis – either the female is politely known as the male dog’s “lipstick” or the “red rocket”.

There was nothing like friends and family coming and people stopped talking midway because a dog penis had appeared. Believe me, I know. Mine German Shepherd Dog The forest is famous for this.

So what do you know about a puppy? Why does it always appear at the wrong times? And why does your dog fall in love with other dogs’ genitals? Let’s answer a few of your questions about a dog’s penis.

A penis of a dog in the preparation. Image courtesy of Jessica Pineda.

Basic jargon – What exactly is Red Rocket?

Since we humans are uncomfortable saying the word “p”, colloquial terms like “dog lipstick” or “red rocket” are common alternative words for the dog penis term. Those terms describe the actual penis of a dog, for the most part, still in the preparation phase. (That’s the fur area you used to think was a dog’s penis in your childhood.)

“Red rocket” or “lipstick” is a fairly fitting term: a dog’s erection is usually pink to red in color and is also firm. It is shaped similar to a rocket tip or lipstick, hence the nickname for a dog’s penis.

Why Is A Dog’s Penis Popping Out?

You probably already know the answer to this, but your dog’s penis will show up when he gets aroused.

No, not like that, at least in the non-breeding setting. As veterinarian, Dr. Eric Barchas explains in his article Why do the dogs keep showing us their “Lipstick”?Stimulate is a general term for anything that excites a dog. The movement can be something as simple as your puppy excited about a training session, this happens to my dog, Forest.

According to Susan Newell, its owner and main coach, you may get confused when the lipstick comes out when you’re traveling with friends and family, there’s nothing to worry about. Animal Behavior and Mind Training in Rancho Cordova, California. “The best you can do is ignore it and move on,” she said.

Ignore it as well, as once the excitement is gone, the dog’s penis will return to the foreskin. By ignoring it, you don’t accidentally reward or encourage your dog’s response.

Other times you might see a male dog’s lipstick

A male dog, neutral or otherwise, can get an erection if he rides another dog, whether they are male or female, and begins hug the other dog. This hunchback behavior is usually innocent in nature. “This is not for sexual reasons. They don’t try to have sex or masturbate, ”said Dr. Atif Wardany, veterinarian and owner of the Mobile pet hospital by Sacramento, California. “It’s usually play behavior.”

Usually, your dog will start to hunchback if he is too excited or stressed and has not learned to properly convey those emotions. As mentioned, the behavior itself is innocent, and if the other dog doesn’t like it, they’ll tell your dog. However, that behavior is embarrassing or insulting, so if your dog is famous for its hump, Train your dog not to hug other dogs.

A dog penis, also known as a dog lipstick or a dog red rocket, can show up for a few different reasons.

A dog penis, also known as a dog lipstick or a dog red rocket, can show up for a few different reasons. Image courtesy of Jessica Pineda.

The strange things that the dog’s penis does

One of the other times a dog’s penis appears is if the bitch in the cave Allow an intact male dog to mount her. (For most of us, because we are talk and take care of our dogsWe will never see that.) This is also the time when a dog’s penis does something unique.

“A dog’s penis has a bone, and in the middle of the bone there’s a gland inside it that swells when the male has sex,” explains Dr. Wardany. “The goal is to keep the penis inside the female.”

When that happens, the dogs stick together for a short time until the swelling stops. This is usually considered a male dog that “ties” a female.

What happens to the dog’s penile secretions?

Occasionally, you may see a greenish-yellow discharge or pus discharge from your dog’s foreskin. Based on MyPetsDoctor.comThat secretion is a mixture of cells and lubricants that help protect the dog’s penis while it is preparing. You should not see this discharge very often and only in small amounts.

However, if you see a lot of discharge and with your dog being excessively licking the genital area, it could indicate a serious health problem like a urinary tract infection or canine cancer. And if the blood is mixed with the secretions, that’s the signal to get your little boy to the vet as soon as possible.

Can neutral dogs still get an erection?

Short answer? It’s correct. A neutral dog cannot impregnate a female dog, but since a dog’s stimulation is not always associated with sexual situations, the infamous dog’s penis can and will emerge. show.

What happened to the dogs that licked the pride of other dogs?

Too bad sometimes you’ll have a male dog exposing his dog’s penis to everyone to see. If you are like me and you have two dogs, one is a female, you will have more fun when your dog decides this is a great time to start licking your other dog’s genitals. My sister’s family went through this several times, which made me completely painful.

So why do dogs do this? Sniffing the ass of other dogs is quite normal for male and female dogs, and that also sometimes involves licking. “Science isn’t entirely clear about what dogs see when they smell / lick each other in their genitals,” Newell said. “However, the theory is that the dog can learn [other dog’s] sex and if they are able to receive sex by doing so. “

Dogs smell and lick each other’s genitals is perfectly normal for dog-dog interactions; however, one or two dogs always seem to be going overboard and not moving their noses or tongues. This can lead to uncomfortable situations between the pet’s parents, some people may not understand what’s going on. You will have to talk to other owners to determine how comfortable they are with what’s going on.

“Some dog owners think they should let the dogs sort it out. The other dog will talk to the dog when they’ve smelled and licked enough, ”said Newell. “Other times, it’s best to call the dog if it spends too much time with that dog.”

So you have it: Your guide to everything related to a dog’s penis. Now you can pretend you have never read this post.

Thumbnail: Photography by Kryder17 / Thinkstock.

This work was originally published in 2017.

Jessica Pineda is a freelance writer living in Northern California with her two German Shepherd works, Forest and River.

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