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Explanation of Vote Ranking-Selection | The Election Law Blog

The New York Times has one explanation, with good visual aids, that explains how the RCV will function in the June primaries for our mayor. I want to clarify a point that can be confusing.

The story says:

In the New York preliminary round, these elimination rounds will continue until two candidates remain – even if one candidate gets more than 50 percent of the vote before closing. In each round, when a candidate is disqualified, their vote is redistributed to anyone ranked next on the ballot.

One reader might think, wait a minute, once someone got more than 50 percent of the vote, they won? Why are we still counting?

The answer is yes, once a candidate has more than 50 percent, that candidate actually wins. Nothing in the following count loops can change that result. The reason the vote count continues purely for informational purposes, so that the public can see how the process is going until there are only two candidates left and no more votes have been distributed. again.

This is the approach some jurisdictions use with RCV, like Michael Parsons and I explain in article on RCV.



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