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Explosion of Fun Gaming Store to Announce Launch of Retrostation 922X – IHUB Partner Press Releases

Hong Kong, China, 09/16/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Explosionoffun.com is going to announce the launch of Retrostation 922X shortly. Also known as the Retro Console 922X, this console is going to be a nostalgic addition to any current gaming system. All those who have grown up in the 80s will understand how the video gaming system then had kept them entertained with limited access to technology. The brain behind the Retrostation 922x gaming store is Richard Rosado, who like many others had regretted selling his games and consoles with which he grew up. Richard wanted to show his kids that video games were much cheaper and entertaining as well. The project of building his own retro gaming console started a few months ago, and now it is finally ready with just a few last-minute additions to be done.

Explosion of Fun Retrostation
Explosion of Fun – Retrostation

The Retro Gaming console 922X is powered by modern technology offering the best of both worlds. The console brings almost all the popular and iconic retro games of the 80s. Those who want to relive the experience must watch out for this space. The game list is already revealed and is available on the website. The list consists of games from popular names such as Atari, Amiga, Amstrad, Bandai Wonderswan, C64, Cannonball, Dreamcast, Family Computer Disk System, Game Gear, Naomi, Nintendo 64, PS1, PSP, Streets of Rage, Prince of Persia, Cadillacs, and Dinosaurs, Super Mario Karts, and many other popular games that were launched in the 80s and early 90s.

Explosionoffun gaming store promises to offer unlimited entertainment with an easy and ready-to-use Retrostation 922X gaming console. The console has to be simply plugged in with an HDMI cable to the TV and an AC adapter to plug in the USB controller. There is no need for additional configuration or software download. The console also works with all the latest smart TV versions with an HDMI port. The default interface is English, however, the console also supports 8 other languages including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, Portuguese, French, and Italian. The Retro Console 922X is available in 128GB version with 34,000 games and the 256GB version with 41,000 games.

“Bought to play with my sons… well they won’t let me play now! I have to make them go earlier to bed, so I can play”, says Karl Abbas, a happy user. The best thing about the console is that players can save their games on the console and save time reloading the same every time. There are shortcuts to exit the game, save the game and load the saved game. All details are available on the website. The console is available for international shipping with no customs duty. The console is not just for gaming. Users can also use it for watching movies on Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, etc. The Retrostation 922X gaming console promises endless entertainment for the entire family.

To learn more visit https://explosionoffun.com/

About Explosion of Fun

Explosion of Fun is the developer of Retrostation, a software that allows gamers to play retro video games. The concept was developed by Richard Rosado, VP of Engineering here at EoF.



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