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Facebook Data Stealing, The “Beware of the Unusual” Guarantor – Internet and Society

Watch out for abnormalities on mobile phones, such as sudden field absences in places where normal reception is good: that could be a sign that criminals have hijacked the phone number. account for use in fraudulent purposes. In this case, you must immediately contact the operator’s operator to verify that someone else did not request and request to transfer our number to another SIM.

Here’s an invitation from the Privacy Officer to users – about 36 million people in Italy alone – regarding data theft on Facebook: in many cases, phone numbers and email addresses was posted online due to a violation of the social network system. A ‘data breach’ prompted the Authority to ask the Zuckerberg platform to provide an immediate service that would allow all Italian users to check whether their phone number or e-mail address is for anyone else. statute of violation or not. Guarantor also warns that any use of this data, even for positive purposes, is strictly prohibited by law, as it is the result of illegal processing. In the event of a breach, the Guarantor recalls, “phone numbers could be used for a variety of illegal acts, from unwanted calls and texts to threats. Serious as the so-called ‘Swap sim’, an attack technique that allows you to gain access to the legitimate owner’s phone number and to breach some sort of online service that uses the phone number as a authentication system “. Sponsors also ask all users to “be alert to any text messages coming from the phone numbers of people we know, to whom money, help, or personal data is being requested. , as it may be a scam appropriated by criminals.

He welcomed the intervention of the National Consumer Union’s Guarantor: “Mobile scams – emphasis on chairman Massimiliano Dona – are becoming increasingly cunning and dangerous, for example. Like the so-called Sim Swap.Our funds are also at risk, if we provide credentials to access our online current accounts, this will not be done even if The request seems to come from our bank for security reasons.However, phone shops also need to pay extra attention when, for example, the sim card requires a replacement, by more accurately checking the documents presented ”.

The Consumerismo No Profit Association asked for “emergency government intervention – president Luigi Gabriele said – because what happened increases the risk of the scam causing harm to the users involved and could lead to theft. banking data with unauthorized transactions on currency accounts and paperwork We also need an exemplary penalty against Facebook, a company whose citizenship is increasingly perceived as a commercial product, have transferred their personal data by accepting the terms of service, with the guarantee that such data will be protected “.


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