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“Facebook plans to end rude approach to posts by politicians”


Facebook plans to announce on Friday that it will no longer keep posts by politicians on its site by default if their speech violates its rules, two people with knowledge of the matter said. The company’s knowledge of the plan said reverses the way it allows posts from political figures to remain untouched on social media.

The change, tied to Facebook’s decision to ban former President Donald J. Trump from its website, is a retreat from policy. introduced less than two years ago, when the company considers speech from politicians to be trustworthy and should not be censored.

Under the change, posts by politicians will no longer be considered newsworthy, people with knowledge of the plan said. Politicians will be subject to Facebook’s content guidelines that prohibit harassment, discrimination or other harmful speech, they said.

If Facebook decides speech from politicians is credible, it could be exempt from removal, according to a standard the company has used. at least since 2016. Starting Friday, people with knowledge of the plan said, Facebook will reveal when it applies a trust level clause to posts that violate the rules.



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