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Facebook sued for failure to hate anti-Muslim speech by police | Economic and Economic News

The nonprofit group Muslim Advocates is suing Facebook, claiming the social media giant has failed at police hate words, especially anti-Muslim attacks’ pervasive ‘.

An American Muslim advocacy group sued Facebook Inc., alleging that the company’s failure to enforce its own regulatory policies caused a wave of anti-Muslim abuse.

The complaint, filed in a superior court in Washington on Thursday, claims the largest social network in the world failed to remove content that violated the rules of hate speech, despite assurances. to lawmakers and other government officials that this social network enforces those policies.

Google’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are generally able to evade lawsuits due to their failure to remove abusive content, under a 1996 federal law that broadly protects internet platforms from liability for human-owned content. use post.

But in this case, the nonprofit group Muslim Advocates claimed that Facebook officials had violated local consumer protection laws by fraudulently promising that the company would remove content violating the their moderation standards.

“Everyday ordinary people are attacked by harmful content that violates Facebook’s policy of hate speech, bullying, harassment, dangerous and violent organizations,” according to the lawsuit. “Hostile, anti-Muslim attacks have been particularly widespread.”

A Facebook spokesperson said in a statement: “We do not allow hate speech on Facebook and regularly work with experts, nonprofits and stakeholders to help ensure Facebook is a safe place for everyone. . “The company invests in AI technology to detect and remove hate speech on its platform,” said the spokesperson.

Supporters of Islam, based in Washington, are among civil rights organizations that have repeatedly called on Facebook to do more to eliminate the anti-Muslim stubbornness and supremeist content. White skin-man. Days after the Capitol riots in January, the group urged Facebook to permanently remove the impending president Donald Trump from its foundation for spreading “conspiracy theories and nationalist hatred of White skin-man”.

Supporters of Islam say they introduced Facebook in 2017 with a list of 26 groups with pages that violate the company’s community standards. As of this month, 18 of those 26 groups still have pages on Facebook, according to the complaint.

The lobbying group is looking for monetary damages as well as a court statement that Facebook has violated the law in Washington.

(Updated with Facebook comment in sixth paragraph)



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